The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Animal World

Owl: The eyes of the Owl does not move Vlaha eyes fixed and due to the strength of the muscles of the eye and compensate for that steadfast movement of the head full where it can move its head in the form of a circle in all directions. Spinner : When deer special is unique to them without the rest of the animals are breathing from different parts of his body and not only the nose and that if circumstances forced him to hunt down predatory animals. Pig : The pig kills himself when he falls into the water by cutting his head with his hooves, because he can not swim and is unable to swim because of the proximity of his hands under his body. Ducks: I have a duck tank filled with oil behind his tail and used this oil to protect his body and the feather of water is not affected at all when swimming in the rain. Worm: If the worm is split into parts that can continue its life and do not die, each section can complete life without the other, and each department will compensate the missing parts again. The pump can absorb water from any wet thing and it can absorb water through its skin and can not breathe breathe from the mouth. Fish: Fish swallows her food quickly and does not allow her to complete the process of chewing food and because it breathes from the mouth can not complete the processes in that one either breathing or feeding.

Ants:  Ants are the most social animal on the face of the earth as well as the most in number, as it is the wonders of this The animal that he can smell anything by his legs, where natural scientists confirm that ants can return to the place he intended again by using his legs to guide him to the same place.the lion The lion's roar can be heard from a distance of about 8 kilometers. Ostrich: The growth of ostriches can extend to 50 years and can last up to 75 years.Ants: Ants cry when waking up in the morning as a man does.Chicken: His chickens had a flight number and could not stay for more than 13 seconds.