The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth


Atmosphere: The atmosphere of the earth is a gas layer containing several gases mixed together. This cover surrounds the entire globe from all directions. The gases that make up the atmosphere derive their protection from the earth's gravity so that they do not go into space and then form the components of the gases layer of the atmosphere. The largest component of atmospheric gas is nitrogen gas, which accounts for 78% and oxygen gas, which accounts for 21%. The remaining gases range from argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, water vapor, gas and helium. The importance of the atmosphere and its relativity of life on the surface of the earth in that it provides the environment that fit the life of the creatures of the granting of all creatures living air to breathe. As the atmosphere, the atmosphere plays a key role in protecting the Earth and the inhabitants of this planet from harmful cosmic rays, including but not limited to

UV rays. It contributes significantly to the organization of light and its spread appropriately and regular spaces. It also allows the passage of infrared rays, optical rays and other radiation, whether they are released from the sun, or the radiation of heat or light emitted from the sun, and the earth benefits from it by this heat radiation in terms of warmth as well as the distribution of temperature proportionately. And for the mere thought that there is no atmosphere for the temperature was then more than 200 degrees Celsius per day in the absence of an atmosphere. Air fodder also protects the earth from meteorites and meteors. The atmosphere consists of several layers and the number of 5 layers and the thickness of each layer varies inversely with the rise of the height of the surface of the earth and until the final integration with outer space. The thickness of each layer varies as we approach the surface of the earth. The five layers are: The first layer is Tropo, the ambassador of Troposphere, located perfectly above the surface of the earth and where the weather occurs and consists of half the atmosphere of the Earth from this class. The second layer is called stratosphere. This layer is very stable and is used by airplanes to fly through this layer. This layer also passes the ozone gas, which prevents the arrival of harmful rays from the sun to the surface of the earth. The third layer of the class called Misosphere and this class is to destroy and
prevent the arrival of meteors and parts of meteorites that can fall on the ground in the way to reach the surface of the earth. layer is called the Thermosphere and is the main component and the central layer of the main component of the Aurora Aurora. This is the position of space shuttle and spacecraft orbiting the earth. The fifth layer is called Exosphere, the latter in the number of layers and arranged in the atmosphere and is less thicker where the outer space merges with the atmosphere.