The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Europe and the capitals of their countries

Europe is one of the continent's continents. Europe is considered the smallest continent in the world. It is located in the ancient world of the south surrounded by the Mediterranean and separated from the Black continent by the continent of Africa and by the Atlantic Ocean and by the Arctic Ocean by the North. The continent of Asia in continental Europe. It is located within continental Europe countries in whole or in part as well as some countries not recognized by the United Nations. As for the countries that are located within the European continent in a total of 44 states.

Five Scandinavian countries
- Sweden and its capital is Stockholm
- Denmark and Copenhagen
- Norway with its capital Oslo
Finland with Helsinki as its capital
Iceland and its capital, Reykjavik
- Latvia and its capital, Riga
Republic of Ireland and its capital Dublin
Estonia and its capital Tallinn

- Ukraine with its capital Kiev
Slovakia and its capital, Bratislava
Romania and its capital, Bucharest
-Bolanda and its capital and Russo
- Moldova and its capital, Chisinau
- Hungary and its capital, Budapest
- Czech Republic with its capital Prague
- Bulgaria with Sofia as its capital
Belarus and its capital, Minsk
The Kingdom and its capital is London

- Lithuania with its capital, Flenius
- The capital city of Tirana
- Andorra, with its capital, Indorealavila
Bosnia and Herzegovina with its capital, Sarajevo
- Croatia with its capital Zagreb
- Greece and its capital Athens
- Italy with its capital Rome

Republic of Macedonia with its capital, Skopje
- Malta and its capital Valletta
- Black Mountain with its capital Podgorica
- Portugal with Lisbon as its capital
San Marino with its capital San Marino
- Serbia and its capital, Belgrade
Slovenia and its capital, Lublin
- Spain and its capital Madrid
- The Vatican and its capital the Vatican
- Austria and its capital Vienna
- Belgium with Brussels as its capital
- France and its capital Paris

- Germany with Berlin as its capital
Liechtenstein with its capital Vaduz
-Loksenburg, with its capital Luxembourg
- Monaco, with its capital Monaco
- The Netherlands and its capital, Amsterdam
- Suesser and its capital, Berne

(Countries located partly within the continent of Europe and the other part located within the continent of Asia) and only seven countries
Turkey and its capital, Ankara
- Russia and its capital Moscow

- Kazakhstan and its capital is a fleet
Azerbaijan and its capital is Baku
Cyprus and its capital, Nicosia
Georgia and its capital, Tbilisi
Armenia and its capital, Brivan
(Six other countries are independent and located within continental Europe but not recognized)
- North Cyprus and its capital North Nicosia
South Ossetia with its capital Tskhinvali
Kosovo with its capital, Pristina
Abkhazia, with its capital, Sakumi
- Transnistria and its capital Tiraspol
- Republic of Karabagh Heights and its capital, Sittabankert