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Finland and the charm of nature beauty

Trip to Finland
Finland is one of the Scandinavian countries located in the northern European continent. It is an independent country with a cultural diversity. Finland has about 5.5 million citizens. Helsinki is a capital city of Finland and is the most densely populated city and Helsinki operates as a commercial and economic center along with the city of Turku. Finland is full of languages and Finland is famous for its economy based on forest products, as well as the agricultural sector and industrialization Finland is the country with the most vibrant countryside and the most beautiful landscapes. Finland is also home to a large collection of lakes, beautiful natural forests, historical and tourist areas which in turn attract visitors and tourists. Helsinki, which is a capital city where the rhythm of life varies with different seasons throughout the year, can be seen in the eyes of culture or seen in the mixture between the diverse scenes and blending between Eastern and Western magic at the same time. The Finns take advantage of summer opportunities to enjoy the light and heat of the sun where temperatures reach 18 degrees in the summer and sometimes rise to 28 degrees. The light continues in the summer for about 20 hours before the full darkness and in the summer darkness is short time, which means that the night in the summer only a few hours. In the long cold winter nights, the Finns turn to domestic activities due to the extreme cold of this season. It is one of the most important areas and tourist attractions in Finland Senate Square -: Senate Square, located directly in the center of Helsinki, is the best tourist destination in Finland, and this area is an impressive example of the old architecture of the city. There is also the Cathedral of Helsinki, the Government Palace and the Museum of Natural History. Rovaniemi Rovaniemi: - This city is located among the magical places of the Museum of the Arctic and the huge theater hall. Temppeliaukio This church is known as the Church of the Rock, which is a modern artistic work. It was built of natural rock ore and was opened in 1969. There is also a large park in northern Finland called Lemmenjoki National Park. It is the best place for a tourist or tourist to enjoy a stroll around the green forest. A number of huts have been created in the same design, side by side, which look like a repetition in the landscape. There are different types of animals in this garden, such as pigs and wolves, other wild animals. The tourist can enjoy the sight of those animals remotely by visiting the boat in the water.
Linnanmäki Amusement Park A popular amusement park for horse riding and recreation for adults and children was opened in. 1950 Near the park there is a musical museum as well as a museum close to the park and free access to this garden. The National Museum of Finland was founded in 1912 and is an ancient castle that reflects Finnish history. This museum has a number of archaeological discoveries as well as historical and cultural artifacts. Finland Hall Hall was built in 1971 and has a conference room and hosts international meetings as well as cultural festivals and concerts, making it one of the biggest places to attract tourists from all over the world. Market Square This market is located in the center of the Finnish capital of Helsinki and is one of the most famous markets in Europe. There are also stands for souvenir shops in this area. There is also a large collection of restaurants and coffees and there is an auction for the sale of old American cars.