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Historic landmarks of Spain

Spain is located in the south-west of the continent of Europe. From the eighteenth century until the fifteenth century it was under Islamic rule. It was called that Andalusia. In that time period under Islamic rule, Muslims left many Islamic monuments in Spain. Many mosques have been converted into churches and some of the Islamic civilization in Spain has been destroyed. But there are still Islamic landmarks. These Islamic relics have been used to revive tourism in Spain by a large percentage. The most important Islamic monuments in the city of Andalusia Spanish, including: Hotel X Conistador: The famous five star hotel is located next to the cathedral of Kartaba Mosque from the front side. Visitors to this hotel during the visit enjoy a magnificent view of the Cathedral of Carthage from inside their rooms. This hotel is designed to complement the art of the Andalusian architecture. Cathedral of the Mosque of Cordoba: In the era of Islamic civilization, the cathedral at that time was a mosque and this cathedral was registered in UNESCO as a universal heritage. The cathedral is characterized by its preservation of Islamic architecture and the Christian architecture. The cathedral has a beautiful courtyard garden filled with many trees of distinctive shape. The cathedral is a tourist attraction for religious shrines.Al-Hamra Palace: This palace is located in the city of Granada in the castle overlooking and has a wonderful view of the city of Granada. The Al-Hamra Palace has many Islamic monuments, and there are green spaces around it as well as wonderful water tables. The Islamic architecture in the palace building is clearly shown by its magnificent decoration in its Quranic verses and supplications as well as the decoration in the carpet which is placed on the walls in the form of wonderful tabloids. Hotel Alhambra Palace Hotel: The Alhambra Hotel is located next to Al Hamra Palace, a 4-star hotel due to its location outside the gardens of Al-Hamra Palace. This hotel offers spectacular views of the city of Granada and the d├ęcor of this hotel is taken from Al Hamra Palace. Al-Munster Mosque The mosque, which is an Islamic landmark in the city of Monterella Real, is built on the ruins of an ancient temple. The mosque was registered as a landmark monument in 1931 AD.
This mosque has a great historical value. This mosque is preserved by its original structure, which gave it a summit in the foot and the city. Chris Castle in Seville: This castle is a defensive center and an Islamic teacher at the same time and rich in Islamic monuments. Construction has been a landmark since 1931. The castle is close to the city of Cadiz and the city of Seville. Jafarieh Palace:This palace is located in the city of Zaragoza. This palace is distinguished by a number of circular towers that feature the peculiarities of the eastern Arabian palaces. The place still exists as an Islamic teacher in Zaragoza and is visited by many visitors. Qantara Qortoba: Is a historic landmark located on the River Grand Canyon of Cordoba and its width is 40 meters, about four hundred meters long and at a height of thirty meters. Andalusian bronchus in Malaga: It is located in the great Andalusian cities of Elmeria, Gian, Cordoba, Granada, Antequera, the Citadel of Beni Said, the Kasbah of Wadi Ash, Marada, and St. George and Malaga. The purpose of its construction was to defend the area and the adjacent areas. .