The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Information about Egypt

Information about Egypt Egyptian armed forces : Egypt occupies the first place among Arab and African countries in terms of the largest force in Africa and the region, with 450,000 troops and one million reserves. Number of days of week: The week consisted of 10 days in Pharaonic Egypt. Pyramids : The distance between the sun and the earth reaches 49.4 million km. The height of the Great Pyramid in the province of Giza is 149.4 meters and the angles of the pyramid direction refer to the four original directions.

The pyramid was built in less than 20 years and the pyramid was built to the fourth family and governed by Egypt 4000 years ago.
And the stones that were built the Great Pyramid, including 2.3 million stone and there is no building materials between the stones for installation, but was built in a way to empty the air between the stones. Each stone weighs approximately 302 tons.
Twelve and a half acres is the area of ​​the base of the Great Pyramid. The first of the Gregorian calendar is the ancient Egyptians.

The Pyramid of Zoser is the first stone structure in the world Al-Azhar mosque: In Egypt, the Hebrew language is taught in 9 Egyptian universities, including Al-Azhar mosque. The Al-Azhar Mosque was built in 395 AH, corresponding to 970 AD. Economy : Egypt's economy depends on agriculture, tourism, Suez Canal and oil revenues.

Music Instruments: The first invented musical instruments are the Egyptians and Kano used in religious rituals and time wars in entertainment. The first empire in the history of mankind is the Egyptian Empire. The first solar cell was built in Nasr in 1911 AD. Nobel prize :


This prize was won by four figures: Anwar Sadat, Naguib Mahfouz, Ahmed Zewail, and Mohamed ElBaradei. High Dam : One of the largest and largest projects in the world in the twentieth century is the fourth dam on the world. - Archaeology: Luxor has more than two-thirds of the world's monuments. Lake Nasser is located in the province of Aswan, the largest industrial lake in the world. Alexandria Library : The first government office in the ancient world was rebuilt in October 2002.