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Norway is the true face of nature beauty

Norway The true face of lovers of beauty and nature, Viking countries and Norway is famous for its beautiful mountains, attractive landscapes and stunning natural beauty that pleased the eyes. Norway has a number of tourist attractions essential to every visitor to Norway to see the vision of the eye close. 1- Royal Palace: It is located on the main road in the center of the city at the end of the gate of Karl Johans. The palace of the king of Norway is located. During the summer, the palace opens its doors for organized tours. Tickets can be purchased earlier for the date of visit and the ticket is sold to enter the palace in post offices or by telephone.

2- Botanical gardens in Oslo: A large oasis in the center of the picturesque city of Oslo is said to have more than 7,000 rare species of plants from all over the world, as well as many entertainment venues, as well as many waterfalls. 3 - Sola Strand Beach: It is one of the most spectacular places but it is far from the city. 4- Valley lysefjord The beauty of the medical can be seen in a walk in the picturesque medical and magical scenes. 5- The Falls of the Seven Sisters: It is possible to stroll through a pleasant and enjoyable journey down to the seven waterfalls. 6. Viking Ship Museum: Norway is famous for shipbuilding of all kinds and this museum is one of the best visited tourist sites where the old Viking ships will be seen. 7. Stavanger: There is a beach with spectacular views of the monuments. 8-Trollstegen Road: There you find a charming nature attraction for tourists and visitors and this is one of the finest places to visit. 9 - Afotin Islands: It is a quiet island and is a famous fishing spot and is one of the most popular places for visitors. 10-Svalbard: This place is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is an icy place with no residents and attractions for tourists. 11 - The city of Oslo: There are many nearby places nearby and the visitor can go to more than one place on the same day and there are many old cafes, antique and the like. 12 - Tromso City: It has many wooden houses and shacks with its most famous Arctic aquarium and is also a historic city. 13-The city of Bergen: Nearby is the Nordfjordeid Bay, a shrine for photography enthusiasts. Bergen is about 480 kilometers away from Oslo and overlooks the city of Bergen, Mount Floyen, and the city can be seen from the top of this mountain. 14-Trondheim: It is the third largest city in Norway and was the capital during the Vikings. - It is a wonderful place to relax and relax and it is the best tourist attraction.