The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Sun Group, Earth and Moon

(Earth and Moon)
In our sun system there is a planet called the earth called also Tellus. There is water and air. we get the heat and light of the sun.
(the earth is an old planet)
The crust has valleys and mountains. The earth was a glowing globe it was four and a half million years old. part of the earth has lakes and seas.

In the moon there are craters and stones. On the moon there is the soil covered with moon dust.
When the sun is shining, we can see the moon on it and the moon is over the horizon.

You can not see the moon the same all the time.
Sometimes we see a little bit of the moon and sometimes it's full.
Against the earth the moon always has the same side.
You may never see the other side of the moon.
The year on earth takes 365 days for the earth to move around the sun.

It's called a day when the earth spins a 24-hour lap.
we have four seasons in one year they are
Winter, spring, summer and autumn.
On the earth there are many lakes and seas.
Lies underwater most of the earth's crust.
There were many volcanoes when the earth was created.
Out of a mountain you can see sometimes sprinkling glowing molten rock then there is volcanic eruption.