The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

The French Riviera is a journey into fantasy

Any traveler who dreams of the beauty of nature and relaxation and watches the nature beyond imagination must be to the French Riviera and also famous as Cote d'Azu.

The Riviera stretches eastward to reach the Alps along the coast and has many famous cities such as Monaco and Nice the Witches.

The two cities are always home to most of the world's celebrities and are not without artists or business people who are famous for the beauty and charm of their wonderful nature and the Riviera is flourishing throughout the year. Traveling to the French Riviera, especially the Monaco and Nice cities, is also easy and easy to access.

The city of Nice is one of the most important cities in the French city. It has more than 50 water springs and is located in small lakes. Nice has the second largest airport in France. The distance between Paris, the capital of France and the city of Nice, is about one hour.

It is notable in these cities of Nice and Monaco that they enjoy the climate of the Mediterranean moderate throughout the year almost all year, these cities enjoy the presence of the sun in more than 300 sunny days of the year and the periods of rainfall in the winter months very few is the ideal destination for fun throughout the year .

The month of May is the month of May, with the Hollywood stars coming to the Cannes Film Festival and the May Festival of Folklore and Popular Dances in Nice as well as the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix.

Nice is a small town of small streets with streets paved with huts and old restaurants and squares of ancient archeology is a central city when you intend to travel and is a city of cities easy to visit the visitor to discover places where it is meant here places of cultural importance that is centered around most visitors, including High-end restaurants, horseback riding and Angelis Beach, one of the most beautiful areas in the world, as well as ski areas.

The city of Nice has a museum of modern art as well as a museum of Matisse, which includes a number of fine arts and beautiful beauty of contemporary art and includes the best of the best health centers at the highest level of treatment.

The city of Nice also has the historical Massena square, with shops located on its side in an arrangement of an incomparable beauty and charm. The Almassina is a good place to enjoy shopping, as well as a number of restaurants and caf├ęs for meals as well as relaxation after shopping.

The Forville market is located in the famous city of Cannes which is a very private market as well as the long La Croix street and extends to near the Myelin almost along the Bay of Cannes.

And a small journey of minutes within the phrase can be a visitor to enjoy the pleasure in the island of St. Margaret and wrap around this island pine trees and vegetables located all over the place.