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The most famous landmarks of Italy Tourist report on Italy and the magic of beauty

Italia It is located in the southern part of the European continent and with its capital Rome. Its climate is a seasonal climate and Mediterranean climate. It includes the islands of Sardinia and Saqliyah, the two largest islands in the Mediterranean basin, with many tourist attractions that have made Italy the most visited country in Europe and the world. Among the most famous landmarks of Italy: Varnese Palace: This palace is one of the greatest buildings of the Renaissance period. This palace was built in 1514 AD and was designed by Antonio de Sangalo as the palace Of Cardinal Varnesi.
San Marco Square: Tourists are keen to visit the square or San Marco Square when they are in Italy.  This field was built in Venice to commemorate a wrestler named San Marco. Where he was victorious over the vast majority of his wrestlers within the talcum square and ironically it is a history that he wrestled in this arena and defeated the king.Temple of the Pantheon.Is an ancient and ancient temple and one of the most important tourist attractions in Italy. This temple was built in the time of Emperor Trajan Apollodros and opinions differ on the time of building this temple, some say it was the time of Emperor Hadrian.

This temple was built to be a place for slaves of the Roman gods. The temple of the Albanythion is one of the oldest buildings in Rome. Which distinguishes the temple of Pantheon from other buildings that takes a circular shape in the area of ​​its construction as well as the dome, which was built on the cylindrical shape ring. The diameter of the domes is more than 43 meters. It is the largest concrete dome built throughout history and occupies the dome of the first rank in terms of area.

Leaning Tower of Pisa The bell tower of the cathedral of the city of Pisa in the state of Tuscany.The tower was built in 1173 AD, and it took a very long time to build it, which lasted about ninety nine years. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions for tourists from all over the world. Where the height of the tower to more than fifty-six meters. It consists of eight floors of white marble. The slanting position was taken at the beginning of the construction process due to the soft soil under its foundations, and its tendency was almost five degrees. But according to experts, the tower of Pisa is threatened to collapse at any time and because of this was prevented tourists from climbing at all times to approach. The experts and engineers are currently trying to strengthen the tower and try to prevent collapse.

Lake Garda: Located in the Alps, it is considered one of the most beautiful and magnificent places in Italy and is one of the largest lakes in Italy and reaches a depth of about 346 m and surrounded by a lot of picturesque landscapes. Surrounded by all directions, the squares are green and spacious.
Spanish Steps: Is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions and famous squares in Italy, which is full of tourists throughout the year and is located in the heart of Rome, the Italian capital and topped by this courtyard of the Trinità de Monti. Pompeii: There is a volcano called Verzv and Pompey is located at the foot of this volcano and is a place now under the care of UNESCO because it is a unique place on the surface of the globe.Trevi Fountain: It is a famous landmark in Italy and was built in 1962 AD and is located in the city of Rome.Mount Etna: The mountain is 3,333 meters high and is located in the largest volcanic volcano in the continent of Europe. It is a unique tourist attraction for all tourists coming to Italy due to the steep slopes enjoyed by tourists in climbing,