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Travel to Paris

Paris is a capital city of France located in the continent of Europe and is located in the northwestern part of continental Europe.
 Paris is known as the scene of many political and historical events, for example the French Revolution.
And contains many landmarks attractive to tourists as well as ancient historical places and features of the most famous: -
 The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Georges Pompey Institute. Paris also has one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, the Sorbonne University.
Paris is one of the most influential cultural and

political centers in the world.
From the beginning of the twelfth century to the beginning of the eighteenth century, the status of Paris among the nations of the world in many areas, including arts and sciences.
The islands of El de la Cité and the island of El Saint-Laurent in Paris are the oldest of two islands in France.

Paris is almost 35 meters above sea level, so Paris is a flat city.
Along with many of the plains, Paris also contains hills and plateaus characterized by Paris from other European cities. There are also several forests, the most important of which is the Vance forest and the surrounding area of ​​Bologna.
As for the weather and the general climate in Paris, it is an environment similar to most of the countries of Europe, which are influenced by the Baltic states.
Its atmosphere is cool, cold, winter, warm and mildly pleasant in summer.

The area of ​​Paris is about 105.4 square kilometers, where Paris is divided into twenty administrative regions, and is called the French Zone any area.
In the heart of Paris are the headquarters of various ministries and institutions as well as government headquarters.

Religious monuments in Paris: -
Paris has ancient places of worship and history such as:
Mosque of Paris, one of the largest mosques in Europe.
The Sanskrit Synagogue is located in the Montmartre area.
Church of St. Sulpice.
Cathedrale Notre Dame du Parry
San Chabal Synagogue.
San Dony Synagogue.
Bernard Church.

Touristic Attractions in Paris: -
Eiffel Tower: -
 It is possible to visit this building called the Eiffel Tower until about midnight as well as the rest of the day. The tower extends to 324 meters and this tower is one of Paris' most prominent tourist attractions.

Disneyland :-
 It is the largest entertainment venue for young and old in Europe.

Palace of Versailles :-
 The palace was built in the reign of King Louis XIV and is located in the south of Paris.

Paris Town: -
The municipality was rebuilt in 1871 and is situated on the banks of the Seine River.

Strabinski fountains: -
 It is located next to the George Pompey Institute and is located in the Igor Strabinski Square. The fountains are built in different forms.

Champs Elysees: -
This street includes the most famous shops located in Paris, the most famous streets of the capital and the most important interest of tourists to visit and the restaurants and cafes, modern and ancient old as well. This street is not without tourists around the clock.