The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Animal World

the animals : Is a species of living organisms living with us on the surface of the planet Earth. They are organisms that include vertebrates and invertebrates, and have several classification, which is an integral part of the environment and this subject in which the animals are classified into several groups with special characteristics, including the following: The first classification is the nature of those animals: 

The first of which is the pet: These animals are characterized that they can live with humans and can be reared in a common place such as home and these animals are characterized that most of them do not cause direct damage to humans and some of these animals can be in the form of trade won by humans such as sheep and cows and other animals, Human food A large sector of the peasantry relies on trade in animals that produce meat and milk and re-manufacture dairy products. There are also animals that can coexist with humans in the same place, which is of course, such as rabbits, cats, dogs and many species of birds such as poultry, pigeons, birds and many other types of different and unique. Either classification or type II predators are: They are animals that can not live with humans in one place because of the nature of predatory nature because they can cause severe damage to humans or sometimes may cause death. However, some of the disease was able to live with these animals after being colonized. Possibly the most perilous human being of predator animals there are many and many of these animals including lion and tiger to name a few and a large number of other predators.

The animals differ in their nature, as well as the nature of the food they prefer to live, from which grass is eaten, such as rabbits and most cattle. Including animals eat meat, and of course predators such as lions, tigers and others, where the main food can not eat non-meat and live on hunting other animals to eat their meat. There is a type of animal that combines the eating of meat and grass at the same time and names animals with multiple sources of food such as fish. There is a type called non-animal animals, which do not contain the composition of their bodies on the spine, It is more than the vertebrate animals in the proportion of their presence, which contains their bodies on the spine, a large proportion may reach 97% of the total of those animals, Many species, such as mollusks, sponges, worms, and many other species of animals, have their own knowledge and private world. They have special knowledge of many different branches of science. Teck animals have many benefits for humans have been using means of transport long ago and the source of food for humans, such as livestock and poultry, to name a few. It is possible to benefit from the skins of tigers after hunting for making shoes and other leather products. In some areas, these animals are threatened with extinction, and animals have been extinct for millions of years, such as dinosaurs.

We will now talk about the other kind of animals whose bodies have a spine These animals are divided into five groups: Mammals: What distinguishes this type of propagation method where the result of breeding is birth and live on the ground such as the bird or in the water, such as Pisces, for example, and many other species. the birds: They are animals that live with us on the ground and cover their bodies feathers and some have the ability to fly and have lungs to breathe and is produced by the reproduction process of those birds are eggs such as penguins and peacock bath. Reptiles: These animals live on the surface of the earth and there are species that live in water, and covers the body skin, and the result of the proliferation of those white animals such as crocodiles and avian.

Amphibians: These animals can live on land and in the water in one and use their lungs in the process of breathing on the ground and gills when they are in the water and result in the process of breeding eggs are like daffodils. Fish: And live in the water, which are many types and many different qualities, sizes and shapes and breathe by gills.