The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Attractions in New Zealand

Whale watching in Kaikoura You can watch the year-round whales in Kaikoura with the opportunities to enjoy boat tours that offer a unique whale watching experience which has become a special tourist attraction in New Zealand. You will see and enjoy Serengeti in the South Pacific in terms of marine life that has reached a record of magnificence and beauty. Sky Tower It is one of the most beautiful attractions in New Zealand and is accepted by visitors on holidays as well as other days it is an unrivaled tourist attraction and the length of Sky Tower to about 328 meters you will be able to see and see the wonderful ruins with a maximum of 80 km through the tower Higher.

Tongariro National Park It is the first park of its kind in New Zealand, where visitors enjoy some surprises in seeing the wild animals you see in the world. The park includes a diverse and wonderful ecosystem and other fields of super-beautiful grass, many active volcanoes, tranquil lakes and plateaus as well as dense forests. There are spectacular heights in the Taranaki Falls for a forest-like view with scenic views. The sky of Oraki McKenzie It's a good place to see stars because of the purity of the sky from pollution making it the best and darkest place in the world to watch and follow the stars. This happens at night and during the day. The visitor will have many things to experience and have fun at this place. There are wonderful trails for lovers of walking and fun sports, which offer very stunning views of the country's largest mountains such as Mount Cook. Rotorua

It is commonly referred to as the tribal gathering, which combines many different cultural backgrounds and activities.You will learn a lot about New Zealand culture once you get the chance to attend this event with locally cooked foods.

Lake Fryer Is one of the world's largest hot-water communities with a water temperature of around 50-60 ° C throughout the year and its surface is still blocked by steam, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, which is heated to the surface. This was the biggest revolution in New Zealand since the arrival of the Europeans. At the time of the excavation behind behind many of the wonderful geographical features, which cover the lake of the pan by a large and an average depth of about 6 meters on the west shore of the terraces of bright colors and on the east there is a large hole that disappeared after the activity of the volcano There are also silica formations sensitive with colored mineral deposits All over the lake and all its aspects.

Tongariro crossing It is a good place for hiking trails. Every visitor has to visit this place when he is in New Zealand. As one of the most exciting trips through the volcanic landscape it is the place of many lakes as well as geothermal vents that enhance the view of scenic views of the magnificent landscapes. Franz Joseph Glacier It is one of the most easily accessible glaciers in the world and attracts many tourists from all over the world. It is the favorite place to walk to the foot of the glacier, with the possibility of hiring a helicopter to see stunning views of the glacier. White Island in New Zealand A volcanic island and the most active in New Zealand was the island's volcano is active regularly and this island has a temperate climate in Krakatoa and there are several colonies of the Australian Ocean and can see a number of birds and mammals and marine species throughout the island and give the island a special aesthetic character.

White Island The Isle of Wight is located in the Gulf of Plenty, California, 50 km off Ahacatain on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island. It has the most active volcanoes and is well known for its spectacular volcano crater with strong aquifers and sulfur deposits in this part of the world. It is also part of an active volcanic area Taupo, which finally broke out in 2001 "because of the explosion that occurred during that period. The large and regular volcanic activity has not altered the size and shape of the island until now, and its highest peak is Mount Gisborne, which is about 320 meters high.