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Denmark is the most charming and tourist attraction

The Danish capital Copenhagen is one of the most densely populated cities in Denmark. Copenhagen has a huge economic center and is one of the most famous tourist cities frequented by large numbers of tourists on a continuous basis throughout the year.
 Copenhagen has many beautiful natural canyons, great historical attractions and museums filled with culture and knowledge.

The Danish capital of Copenhagen has many hotels that cater to the needs of tourists and visitors at the highest level of the high-class hospitality in addition to a number of not only a few wonderful restaurants and cafes and the presence of a large number and a variety of shops and many that meet all your requirements visitors and the city by the best tourist attractions beautiful Which is located outside, so it is beautiful from the outside and from the inside,

making it one of the cities that can be a distinctive tourist destination.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen are:
Cronborg Castle: -
It is also located in the city of Hellenior and is the fort and the castle has a famous history where the famous writer William Shakespeare wrote in the famous Hamlet Theater and mentioned in his novel under the name of the Castle of Senor. The castle was in ancient times one of the most important castles known in the Renaissance region Northern Europe.
Due to its long history, UNESCO was included in the list of world heritage sites in 2002.
Museum of Modern Art: -
Is a museum of modern art that was opened in 1958 and is one of the most famous museums in Denmark. The museum is located in the city of Helsnor, about half an hour by train from Copenhagen. The museum has a distinguished collection of temporary exhibitions visited by different markets and different age groups. With a classic style, it is a rich place for art lovers and art lovers.

Museum of Art in Or Hoss: -
The bride of the city of Orhus and Hummen is Europe's favorite tourist destination, and Oruhaus is a convenient and fun place to spend a memorable and memorable holiday from Copenhagen to Aarhus about three and a half hours a kilometer or about four hours by bus.

 Roskillad: -
Located on an island called Zeeland, this city is 30 km from the western region of the capital Copenhagen and the city rises from the sea level about 30 meters and an area of ​​212 kilometers and

there are a large number of reasons that may attract tourists to visit this beautiful city witch to distinguish this place with many Of events, festivals and celebrations held in the city, including the famous Roskilde Festival, which contains the Museum of the Viking ship and also contains the Cathedral of Roskladad, which is one of the sites listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is one of the ideal destinations to visit and the time to reach the city of Roskladad about twenty five minutes from the main station of Copenhagen, the Danish capital.

Anholt Island: -
It is one of Denmark's most popular and tourist-friendly destinations, attracting visitors and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Denmark.
The island features spectacular natural beauty. The island has many fun recreational activities that you can enjoy in the summer. The island is famous for its many beautiful music festivals and there are also outdoor yoga courses.
 The flight time is four hours by bus and up to three hours by ferry.

Denmark is interested in festivals and traditions on several occasions, all about the Christian calendar, including the birthdays, the Feast of Passover and Yumalqadis John, which is one of the most important occasions for families in Denmark is a day of family gathering and celebration together.

One of the most important celebrations is in the spring and is called the Spring Festival (Fastelavn) and the day of fun spread throughout the world, which is like April, where the Danes joking among them landfills and fictional stories of the fictional love.
Danish workers celebrate the workers' day, and all jobs and jobs are interrupted.
The Danes include Christmas and Valentine's Day.

- February 14 Valentine's Day
- February / March Spring Festival
- March / Easter
April 1st is the day of April
- April May the day of the Great Prayer

- May Mother's Day
May Day Labor Day
- Fifth of May on the day of the liberation of Denmark
- May-June Pentecost is a celebration held at the church
June 15 - Vladimir Day
June 23 - St. John's Night
- November Halloween
November 10 - St. Martin's Day
- December is the month of Christmas
December 31 - Rosh Hashana