The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

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A man sold his 10 percent stake in Apple for $ 800 in 1976 and today his $ 58 billion stake is sold for what he sold.
If you want to close the cloud in your clothes very easily, rub a piece of soap on the teeth of the cloud to the tails.
The first child in the family, the son or the girl, is in most cases the most intelligent
 Most of the laughs you hear in the old comedy series have been recorded in the fifties of the last century meaning that 90% of those who laugh are people among the dead today.
A large percentage of people use the Google site to search for things they would like to know information about and the proportion is not a little used to make sure that the Internet connection to make sure it works

When you get panic and panic, your eyes begin to receive information faster than usual so you feel that you see what is happening with slow repetition

If we think relatively well when women think about what to wear, it is as if women spend a whole year of their lives sporadically thinking about choosing what to wear over their lifetime.Google is making a profit of nearly $ 500 per second. Wherever you are, there is a spider about 3 meters away from you.

In 1997, a very strong voice from the Pacific Ocean was released, echoing 5 thousand km, and the source of the sound has not yet been determined.
If we assume that someone can travel to the sun on foot, it will take 2000 years, but still has not reached the number of those years will need a lot more time argumentative argument.

The amount of sweat that can be produced by the body of an adult during a hard effort during the whole day may reach 15 liters, but the sweat evaporates constantly in the air before the person to know his presence must drink water in abundance during the effort.The domestic fly vomits after you finish eating and then eat it again.Just sniffing bananas or green apples helps lose excess weight. All the names of the continents of the world end with the same letter you start with, both in Arabic and English. The mouse can live without drinking water for longer than the camel can not drink water.Astronauts are not allowed to eat gas-causing foods in the abdomen during their space journeys, because getting the wind inside the space suit causes it to spoil it. In 1952, physicist Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of the State of Israel, but he strongly rejected it. The fingernails of the fingers grow at a rate of 4 times compared to the growth rate of the toe nails. All the windmills in the world always revolve in the clockwise direction except the windmills in Ireland are distinct from others.Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb, was very afraid of the dark need of invention.The Earth has more than 50,000 earthquakes each year. Apple is more able than caffeine to alert the nervous system to some people Bats tend to always left when they exit their bunkers.

More than 2,500 left-wing people die each year from accidents they are exposed to while using machines or devices designed mainly for those using their right hands.The size of the sun is 330,330 times the size of the earth.The electric chair used in execution is invented by a dentist. When a person is born there are 300 bones in his body, but that number drops to 206 only when reaching puberty.If all the termites in the world are weighed, the total weight will be 10 times the combined total of human weight because of the huge numbers of termites in the world.The human eye is 576 megapixel or 72 times more than the iPhone on an 8 megapixel camera.

Google has a value of about $ 200 billion in the current painting, while Yahoo valued $ 20 billion, while in 1997 Yahoo refused to buy Google for $ 1 million.Japan's brother-in-law recently passed a law against obesity preventing citizens from being overweight.Did you know that sprinkling sugar on wounds helps fight bacteria and speed them up.