The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Get to know crocodiles

In ancient times, the pharaohs considered crocodiles sacred animals and found many statues and crockery containing the shape of the head of a crocodile that they were making at the time, like statues of the gods for their known power.
 Tropical tropics are home to crocodiles and prefer to live in shallow river waters, open marshes and stagnant waters and crocodiles do not fit live in seas where saltwater is. Its main food is meat, where it feeds on marine animals such as fish, but sometimes prey on other animals, such as birds, mammals and reptiles, as well as humans. Crocodiles are considered endangered animals for their frequent hunting.

 Crocodile skins are the finest and most expensive types of leather in the world and are used for the manufacture of shoes, belts, bags, clothes, purses and other various leather products used by man for adornment and personal use. It is composed of thick thick sclerotic layer, dark color and one of the most famous crocodile species, Crocodile, crocodile, crocodile, crocodile, crocodile, crocodile, crocodile, Crocodile Murlit, crocodile Siamese crocodile Aloorenko dowry, in addition to Johnston crocodile Australian crocodile Algarial African.
Crocodile offspring are the eggs where the crocodile women lay their eggs in pits on the beaches, covered with caterpillars, grasses and sand and continue to guard them until they are hatched and the crocodiles and crocodile eggs are relatively larger than the normal bird eggs we know but their color is less bright. In the water where crocodiles live and breathe through their own respiratory apparatus, oxygen is extracted from the air, where the crocodile is able to hold one hiccup for a quarter of an hour under the water. This is called the phenomenon of "simulating the environment".

There are many species and species of crocodiles in the world, of which fourteen species are famous
Crocodiles are similar to the crocodile and the crocodile of the largest amphibian vertebrate animals. They belong to the reptile, a four-legged animal that belongs specifically to the crocodile family. It is one of the oldest animals on this earth. Crocodiles are animals that frighten humans and animals. , Its frightening shape and its ability to predator, where the crocodiles have a wide, and our teeth are very

strong, as many as 60 napples in the upper jaw, and forty napples in the lower jaw and does not compete with the similarities of those animals in terms of jaw strength and crocodiles possess long tongues And fortitude thick, long tail to be able to swim in the water, a ferocious animals, and can live up to sixty years, as they bear to live without food until seven hundred and forty days.
And the crocodile has a long tongue and appeared like a tortoise, a very brutal in the water where the place where he lives and hunt prey and has a long body and short legs and long strong tail can swim, and sharp teeth catch on his prey.