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Magic and Beauty in Turkey

Magic and Beauty in Turkey Fantasy Cities

Turkey has a clean atmosphere and is one of the best tourist attraction spots on earth. As it combines natural tourism with beautiful natural landscapes and historical tourism where history is presented and fragmented. Turkey has many cities where life springs and you will find prices that are cheap and suitable for all compared to other European countries, making it one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world to date. It attracts tourists from all over Europe and the countries of the world.

Belek City:It is a city with a wonderful beauty that misses and captures the landscape with sunset and natural vegetation cover consisting of pine forests and millet pistachios.It also has a number of famous golf courses and its coastal strip, which has many famous beaches and 435 five-star hotels with many accommodation, services and facilities. It is a high-end destination that attracts the rich and famous from all over the world. Fethiye City: It is a small town in which you will find a wonderful selection of luxurious resorts and a number of beaches with pure turquoise waters and you will also find a modern nature located on the ruins of the city of Telemysos archaeological and the city is one of the important tourist centers thanks to its proximity to everything is 30 minutes from Dalaman Airport Makes it easy to access.

Bursa City: -
Is a city surrounded by nature reserves, which houses wonderful animals and plants, there are many tourist attractions, including Oludag Mountain, which is held in the Olympic Olympic skiing competitions and there are many warm sales can be enjoyed throughout the city and the cave of Oilat, the third largest cave in Turkey The coast of Modania and the historic village of Gomelikzek, located at the foot of Uludag Mountain.

Istanbul City: -
It shows in this city the foot of history and meets the ancient past with the present present. Istanbul is one of the most vibrant cities in Turkey and Turkey's largest city is Istanbul in size. The city is distinguished by architecture, history and Islamic-Christian sites such as the Blue Mosque and the Church of St. Sophia.There are many nightclubs and bazaars that can be bought cheaper and the best gifts for friends, friends, restaurants and cafes is a truly multicultural city. Where you can discover the whole of Turkey from the position of your foot from the ghettos of Entebbe and the kitchen to the appetite and the performances of the Darwish Mawla in Konya.

City of Ephesus:It is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, with Artemis Temple, Turkey's most popular attraction, as well as the House of the Virgin Mary. Ephesus is an ancient city located in Seljuk dating back to the 8th century BC and was one of the oldest cities in the Roman Empire. The site is well preserved and contains a huge theater and Hadrian temple.City of Antalya: Antalya is the first choice for many tourists coming to Turkey. The city is located along the Turkish Riviera, a vibrant city with many interesting sports, resorts, hotels, restaurants and cafes. The old district offers a step back where the charming old town with a maze of narrow streets and historical structures such as the tower The clock and the walls of the old city preferred to enjoy many high-rise green mountains.

City of Cappadocia: It is a rocky kingdom with its natural landscapes, which were formed by volcanoes over time and ages. They formed the chimneys of the Jinn and the magnificent rocky formations of the beauty that capture the sight. The tourist can see the whole city from inside a balloon flying over the magic of the wonderful nature. It is characterized by the existence of hidden cities that fall under its territory as it has a number of cities carved into the whole rock. The journey to this city is a unique and unparalleled experience. There are entire hotels within the caves and walk among these chimneys, discover hidden churches and watch the breathtaking sunset.

City of Sabanja:The place is almost unknown to many tourists but offers a different and distinct experience. This small town has many tourist attractions. The ancient temples, their remains, the walls of the city, the canals and the mosques are surrounded by a charming nature, far from the hustle and bustle of life, as well as many charming lakes, ideal for swimming and fishing.City of Bodrum: With many ancient monuments including the Castle of St. Pierre and Mausoleum, which are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and surrounded by the Bay of Mayan, and in the middle of which St. Pierre's Palace is distinguished by the luxury and splendor of the hotels of all levels as well as a large number of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. Dalian City: The small city is located on the southwestern coast of Turkey in Mugla province. A site of natural nesting of turtles with a huge head threatened with extinction. In addition to the many ancient historical monuments, including the tombs of Lysia and the old city of Kaunas, where he enjoyed a boat ride amidst the beautiful turquoise waters and practiced many water sports.


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