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Precious stones

Precious stones or precious stones are a group of different types of metals, which are composed of two or more elements, consisting mainly of silica, as well as the presence of some of the metal impurities also in the Quinn. The type of stone varies depending on the material from which the stone is located. Stones are usually found in volcanic silt areas such as volcanic rocks and are particularly present in areas with volcanic river streams.

Gemstones in the language consists of two words gemstone where the gemstones are made naturally without human intervention. Gems are known by other names as petrified stones. Precious stones are different metals, and these minerals are polymerized. The most famous of these gemstones include: Sapphire Sapphire is one of the rare gemstones known to be relatively high price for other similar stones and is ranked first in terms of importance between precious stones and is characterized by the color is red and shiny and shiny.

Emerald Emerald is a kind of beryl metal which is made up of both beryllium silicate and aluminum, which can be found in mines between solid rocks as well as between marble and is characterized by its dark green color and is deep and transparent.Ambassador Ambassador is a kind of corundum metal, which is characterized by blue color and is formed under the ground heat and pressure, which is present in all colors except red and the most obvious type of transparent blue and occupies fourth place in importance. The Old The antique is a multicolored metal and it is found in many color images. It is opaque, non-pure and amorphous. It is usually red, yellow, green, blue or gray, a kind of quartz known as jade.

Star Ambassador The Star Ambassador is one of the ambassador's types and has different images that may be transparent, translucent or contain white lines. Turquoise It is one of the most famous stones for a long time. The most distinctive feature is the greenish blue and the greenish gray with the light green stones. This stone is composed mainly of aluminum phosphate and contains copper water.

Amethyst It is a stone of gemstone known as sapphire and has three colors and is characterized that the color is light purple or dark or purple and is referred to as a transparent metal and there are two types and the original amethyst is a type of quartz, which consists of silicon dioxide mainly in Configure it.Onyx agate Yamani Is a semi-transparent metal consisting of a chemical side of silica hidden crystallization and is referred to contain impurities of other iron compounds and this type of stones is in many colors are red, yellow, and structure, and perhaps the most famous type is the red Yemeni agate, which is known as al-Ramani as well as agate Brown is known for its dark brown color.

Diamond Diamonds occupy the second place in terms of importance, characterized as pure white or yellow, and form over time due to the tremendous pressure on it. All gems are associated with the presence of silica as a primary component, as mentioned earlier, and the crystalline network system also, which is the stones during the process of polymerization. Gemstones are found in nature either free on their own or in combination with other elements of nature. Some precious stones are found in the earth and others are found in seas and oceans such as pearls and coral. Pearls are considered to be the most precious stones, especially pearls of the Arabian Gulf. Within the oyster there is a living animal living inside the oyster and the shellfish from the outside. When a small grain of sand comes into the shell, this animal is injured, resulting in the secretion of pearl material and a few precious stones found in the plant kingdom such as yellow amber.