The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

the lion

You know with us the lion of the jungle Most of the wild lions live today in the forests of Africa, particularly in the sub-Saharan Africa, and the lions live in different regions, some of which were not found in North Africa and some In the Middle East and others in Western Asia but extinct to remain in place today, the continent of Africa.
Assad does not allow other animals to hunt in a 40-km area. They spread a mixture of urine and odor on the shrubs to alert intruders to the fact that this area is inhabited and ignoring this warning may lead to disregard for violent fighting that may lead to an intruder.

Males reach sexual maturity by the third year and are able to seize their own group by the fourth or fifth year and begin to age when they reach the eighth year. He is armed with two arms that tear apart his prey, his long, sharp teeth and claws.The maximum speed of the lion to 55 km per hour is limited speed so it is imperative that the lion to surprise his prey by infiltrating near the prey and when he becomes a distance of 15 meters, he rushes at full speed and hold the prey or head and throw it to the ground and then catch the throat of the victim with his mouth suffocate Then devour them. And black is considered one of the most abundant creatures on the surface of the earth after the human and we can distinguish the male lion from the female easily and easily by looking at them from afar or close to the lion has a hair around his neck thick, but the lioness female does not have this form. The hair located around the neck distinguish black in kind from other animals is the presence of larger than other animals, which sends a message of fear in the same who stands in front of him and help him in the face of other blacks also where this uniqueness of the lava characteristics, based on several factors, including genetic factors and sexual maturity and climate ratio The production of the male hormone is indicative of the health of the lion, the darker the lion was the healthier the more than others and also have a large role in protecting Assad from the blows and bruises that may be exposed when fighting with another lion, or any prey resist it, the more dense it inspired On his victory Wen and fight the battles on the contrary, if the mane is dense or non-large.

The lion is one of the longest in the shoulder area. It is very heavy in weight and has a very strong jaw. Its teeth are long. The length of the cane is 8 cm and its strength is solid and strong. The color is yellow, yellow, yellow, red or dark brown. And the color of the tail of the hair that is at the end of the tail and the cubes are spotted pink and brown on all her body and disappear these signs when reaching adulthood and some remain visible on the bottom textures of the body and share the lion and the lioness there is a strand of hair on the end of each tail and each of them With this The cone. Black animals are inherently predatory and follow two different social systems. Some are resident and live within a group of individuals and are called a group. The group consists of five or six corpuscles, each of them with their cubs. There are male or male named male alliance and male cubs leave the group when they reach puberty. The black journey does not settle in a specific place, but moving from one place to another and this is her life and may live alone or with groups, it does not remain on one lifestyle.

The lion hunts his prey mostly at night, where he is able to surprise his prey in the dark more easily where his colored eyes can see him in the dark as well as his sense of hearing and tattoo strong two Sometimes a group of blacks hunt together, attacking each other while others prey on prey, distracting their thoughts to prevent them from escaping and then stalking them toward the lions nestled among the long weeds.The females are often hunted, while males rarely participate in hunting and when there are large prey, regardless of who kills the prey, the male is always the first to eat and then the rest of the group.The lion can eat 35 kg of meat in one meal, and it will eat the food with its teeth and then swallow it without chewing it. The lion will pull the prey after killing it to a shady place and one lion can pull its prey weighing 270 kg.

The lazy black animals spend about one hour a day sleeping or surrendering to rest and may sleep (24 hours after eating a full meal). The lion does not like to prey on humans only in rare cases, such as those in which there is no substitute for food, or in the case of older males who are unable to catch their prey. For example, a person can stand 12 meters from the lion Where people rarely get hurt there in black. If Assad is provoked, especially if wounded, he becomes a fierce enemy, and some cases of human assault were recorded in captivity or in places such as circuses.