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Travel destinations and tourist attractions in South America

South America is a land of historical mystery and an amazing land of beauty and nature. South America means life's fountains with tango, the Amazon basin, the glaciers, ancient ruins and whales that swim just a few feet from visitors, this almost forgotten continent contains a large number of natural wonders and history.
Iquitos, Peru: -
Located in the Amazon River Basin, Zhi is the largest city in Peruvian forests and the fifth largest city in Peru, the capital of the Loreto region, is considered to be the center of the city of Iquitos and begins with most tours there.
There is a market in this city, the so-called Beilin Market, located in the heart of Iquitos, the largest traditional market in the Amazon region of Peru.
Iquito's city has visited more than 250,000 visitors in 2012, which is expected to rise on the Amazon River Basin, one of the wonders of the world's seven nature. Tourism is one of the most dynamic industries in Iquitos, which has a growing reputation as its location on the Amazon River has grown from the international aviation resource index coming to the city, so tourism has been formed in this architectural architectural city whose buildings have been built in European style by food, drink, art and culture.

Equitos has sufficient infrastructure to cater to tourists of all levels, including hotels from different stars, and also has many forests, which is a destination for tourists and adventurers because of its wildlife and variety and beauty.

San Carlos, The Bariloche, Argentina:
The city is one of the most interesting cities in the south, where it represents another color of Argentine beauty. Its location along the Andes, which separates Argentina from Chile, borders a lake of several lakes between mountains and mountains, especially Lake Nahuel Huabei.
San Carlos de Bariloche, the most important city in Argentina, offers a unique combination of lakes, rivers and mountains, unlike other places on earth. For outdoor enthusiasts there are hiking trails
Buenos Aires Argentina:
The city has a unique blend of most European and Latin cultures, unlike any other place on earth. This city on the southern shore of the La Plata is marveling at the bustling nightlife. Local cafes are popular in the city. The city has Cabaldo, the first government building Established in the city, and also the pink house in which the President lives, one of the city's most prestigious streets is Florida Street, one of the most important streets of Buenos Aires and an important trade center that houses many shops for leather, shoes, newspapers, restaurants and cafes. Which contains the tomb of Argentinean fighter Jose de San Martin

Pocon Chile: -
A city in Chile Located in the province of Kaiten, in the region of Arocania, 100 km south-east of Temuco and 780 km south of Santiago, the city is characterized by its volcanoes, hot thermal pools and the Andes' greatness, , You can ride horses on an exciting tour through the mountainous terrain up to the Andes high up above the snow line, and also offer a variety of sports and activities including recreational adventure for tourists, including water skiing, ice skating, white water swimming and Rowing, featuring the Also that Dinah climate is relatively stable, especially in the summer, making it a great destination for tourists.

Florianopolis, Brazil:
One of the best places to live and travel in South America is Florianopolis, the capital of the State of Santa Catarina. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, the city has the best standard of living in Brazil. The city is characterized by its beautiful and tranquil beaches, the most beautiful relaxation on its soft white sands. Absolutely charming.
Tierra del Fuego, Argentina:
It is called the province of the land of fire, the Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands. This is the land at the end of the earth, in the farthest part of South America. There is an archipelago that separates the mainland through the Magellan Strait. On your way there you can explore Patagonia and take a whale watching trip along the Atlantic coast , And this colorful city of Ushuaia, where the charming natural areas are shining.

Bogota, Colombia:
Located in the heart of Colombia, the capital of Colombia, Colombia is the most populous city with 2,640 meters. It is the third highest in the world after La Paz and Quito, the most populous city with 7.8 million inhabitants. It is one of the largest cities in South America with an area of ​​about 1,587 km2. It is a vibrant city surrounded by high mountains in most of the city, giving it a place to see the attractive views of mountains and nature. The Mountain Palace was owned by the South American General Simon Paul The Piazza Bolivar, which is the center of the main square of the city and is a tourist attraction, surrounds the old palaces with narrow streets nearby, and the city center also has historical buildings, and the city also includes The Museum of Gold, which contains many of the treasures of gold carved by the Indians of this area of ​​time.

Machu Picchu Peru: -
Here in this city all the worlds collide, the ancient tribes, the Spanish colonizers, the Indians and the explorers, all of them met here, no wonder that this city has its hidden temples like the city of Machu Picchu, this historic city is not a myth; The 15th century, located in Cuzco between two mountains of the Andes, at an altitude of 2,340 meters above sea level, on either side of which is an abyss about 600 meters high, discovered by American explorer Hiram Bingham on July 24, 1911, World Heritage List by Organizer UNESCO was founded in 1983 and was considered one of the seven new wonders of the world and has become a great tourist attraction.