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Bermuda Triangle between reality and fiction

Bermuda Triangle between reality and fiction
Also known as the Devil's Triangle, is an area located in the western part of the North Atlantic. In this region, aircraft, ships and passengers mysteriously disappeared.
It is said that when Christopher Columbus sailed through this region on his first voyage to explore the New World, he said that he saw a great flame of fire believed to have crashed into the sea on a night. A few weeks later a strange light appeared in that area, In that period.

As for the explanation of unjustified disappearance, there is no particular theory to solve it and to explain its ambiguity; one skeptic of the phenomenon of disappearance has stated that the disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle is illogical.
  The coral reefs, storms and currents may pose a major challenge in maritime navigation, says the London marine insurance official. The Bermuda Triangle is not a particularly dangerous place, and the US Coast Guard points out that during the review of losses from the disappearance of aircraft and ships over the years.
 No order was found to indicate that the disappearance was not identified as any exceptional factors causing the disappearance that occurs.

The Triangle area is a fictional legend in the Atlantic because of the unjustified disappearance of ships and aircraft in its vicinity.
 The Bermuda Triangle includes Bermuda, Florida, the British Bermuda Islands and the Bahamas. The area is named after the Bermuda Islands, which consists of a group of 300 islands, and people live on only 30 islands.
The Bermuda Triangle covers about 500,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean, located in the western part of it.
The south-eastern part of Florida is located in the United States of America. Bermuda is an equilateral triangle with a length of about 1,500 km.

The most famous incidents in the Bermuda Triangle: -
Carol Derring: -
 Carroll Derring is a ship that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle region. Her captain was sick and had to leave her at the harbor in Delaware. Her cargo was delivered in Rio and on her way home she stopped in Barbados and was then seen near North Carolina , And it was noted that the crew was behaving strangely, and then the vessel disappeared and a portion of its wreckage was found near the coast of Cape Hatteras. All the crew and vessel equipment disappeared and were not found.
Flight 19: -
 On December 5, 1945, five US naval bombers, known as Flight 19, disappeared; they mysteriously disappeared and no trace was found. A US naval plane carrying thirteen men was sent to search for them; They also disappeared and no trace of them was found, and this is one of the most puzzling mysteries in aviation history.

CS Cotopaxi: -
The Cotopaxi ship headed to Havana from the Charleston area in January 1925. The ship was carrying a crew of 32 and it was said that the commander had sent a radio call saying that the water was blocking his way. The vessel then disappeared and no trace was found .
D-3: -
On December 28, 1948, a Dess-3 aircraft disappeared during a flight from San Juan Puerto Rico to Miami. Pilot Robert Linkwist told the crew that the warning light was not working but did not wish to delay the scheduled departure The plane was carrying 29 passengers and three crew members. A report on the plane was reported to be 50 miles away, about 80 kilometers south of Miami, since it was reported to have moved from New Orleans, The aircraft may have been diverted, so it has not been found or heard Nothing about its passengers.

Boat Spray: -
Is a boat led by Joshua Slocom, a sailor known for his skills and ability to sail. He was the first man to sail alone around the world. He disappeared in a region close to the Caribbean on his way to Venezuela in 1909, In fact, he was in the Bermuda Triangle region at the time of his disappearance. There were many views that he might have lost control of his boat during sailing; however, in 1924 he was declared dead.
Star Tiger and Star Ariel:
Star Tiger and Star Erele are two aircraft that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle region by almost a year. Star Trek disappeared on January 30, 1948, carrying about 29 people. Starr Ariel disappeared on 17 August. January 1949. No traces of aircraft were found later. A plane to the Royal Star and Tiger Star Company disappeared in 1947 and similar debris was found near the Andes in 1998.