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Healthy food

Healthy food is important for the survival and survival of the human being. It has many benefits because it contains the nutrients the body needs from vitamins, mineral salts, carbohydrates, proteins and others, which in turn provide the body with energy and vitality, as well as increase its immunity against diseases. To enjoy good health, and it gives the person a sense of comfort and happiness, and to be healthy food you follow the tips that we will address in this article. Make your diet healthy by adding: Some healthy foods nuts such as almonds containing large amounts of iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin E, contains fibers that help the digestive system in its work, and benefits the heart due to its contain unsaturated fatty acids. Marine products such as fish, especially sardines and tuna, are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Meat and poultry but you should choose red meat free of fat.

Reducing the proportion of salt added to food because of its negative effects on health, it works to raise blood pressure, and the retention of fluids in the body. The preparation of food healthy, by the adoption of roasting, and boiled over frying, and reduce the hydrogenated fats used, and therefore less calories behind the increase in weight. Do not leave yourself room for thirst The fluids play a big role in a person's health, so take two liters of fluid a day. Do not forget to forget breakfast There are some misconceptions in many people that not eating breakfast leads to weight loss, but scientifically proved otherwise that eating breakfast to maintain weight control, so be careful to deal with. Eat fish as it contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and proteins that prevent atherosclerosis, reduce the incidence of cancer, and protects against arthritis, so be sure to eat fish twice a week. Do not over-take fat; they cause heart disease and atherosclerosis. Limit the amount of sugar you eat. It raises the blood sugar level significantly, which is dangerous to health, increases the risk of diabetes, as well as weight gain significantly, and it is important to recognize the idea that sweets raise blood sugar sharply , Which means the secretion of a large amount of insulin, and thus store these quantities, and feeling hungry again, which means eating more food.

Eat meals containing starches but in quantified quantities Examples of these foods are potatoes, grains such as maize and their products of spaghetti, and white bread; because it is the first source of energy in the body. Eat fruits and vegetables heavily; they carry many benefits from vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and mineral salts. They also contain antioxidants that resist aging and support human immunity against many diseases. It has been scientifically proven that people who eat fruits and vegetables Less likely to have cardiovascular disease, and enjoy a weight closer to ideal if not ideal. The best healthy food depends on the availability of food groups above all during the day, the body needs specific quantities, and there are some elements can not be stored by the body until the need for it must be provided to the body constantly, and focus on vegetables and fruits mainly for their benefit And the lack of calories in them, which makes the person who eat them feel full with the lack of calories that enter the body, and this protects him from the problem of accumulation of fat and weight gain, and each person must equate what the body needs with age, the adult differs from the quotas needed by the child Five years