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The Bermuda Triangle Puzzle

The Bermuda Triangle Puzzle

 Many believe that the Bermuda Triangle is a mythical and mythical region. Disappearances, it is expected, are that mysterious and unidentified forces are responsible for unexplained disappearances, such as extraterrestrial beings taking over human beings, In the ocean waters are responsible for absorbing and hiding things, and there have been many strange ideas about the Bermuda Triangle, some of which are based on evidence and some are not based on any reasonable evidence.
The disappearance of most ships and aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle can also be explained by environmental conditions.
 such as tropical and Atlantic storms, and the occurrence of cyclones in the Bermuda Triangle region; storms in the area have caused and destroyed many ships.
In addition to the rapid and violent currents that lead to the dumping of ships.

 it is worth mentioning that many islands in the Caribbean have shallow water level, which may lead to treachery in the movement of maritime navigation, and confirms the US Navy and the US Coast Guard that there are no miraculous interpretations of disasters occurring in It is important to note that the ocean is a mysterious place for man and that it becomes deadly if natural factors and inappropriate weather combine to cause disasters at the human level.
 The Bermuda Triangle region is considered to be one of the areas lacking proper navigation factors; Leading to more disasters than any other region of the oceans.
One explanation for the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon is the presence of methane at the bottom of the ocean.
 Gas bubbles in the ocean floor are responsible for the magnetic expansion that occurs, leading to the irregularity of the compass directions. Some evidence suggests that the compass in the Bermuda Triangle region To the true north direction as opposed to the magnetic north direction.


The logical explanations presented to explain the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle are as follows:

Six Clouds: -
 This interpretation is one of the events of the interpretations presented in the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. These clouds produce air bombs that produce winds that are strong enough to generate wavelengths of more than 45 feet. These air bombs may land in the ocean and lead to disasters.

E-fog: -
 It is a phenomenon in which fog is attached to an airplane or ship. The fog affects the electronic parts of the fog, disrupting it, and thus diverting it from its path.

Tropical cyclones: -
Where storms and tropical cyclones killed and drowned many people and were blamed for dumping many ships in the Triangle area. Methane hydrates: The explosion of large underground gases can lead to the disappearance of ships in the triangular area due to landslides that may occur underground; gases cause a significant reduction in water density, resulting in sudden ship drowning, The gas affects aircraft and destroys them.