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The best tourist countries in Europe

The best tourist countries in Europe Austria Austria is one of the most important European countries in terms of tourism. It is a tourist country of a high standard, full of architecture and wonderful images. It is built in the midst of rich and beautiful gardens. Its buildings are decorated with statues and decorations, which are the finest art inlaid with ancient antiques.

Austria is famous for its ski resorts, mountain views and mountain trails. There are tourist huts that can be rented from 915 to 2744 m. There are summer suites where Austria has mild weather and temperatures vary by altitude. From the sea. The most famous tourist places in Austria: Hofburg Palace, located in Kapzrtur-Vienna. Historical Art Museum. It is located in the two pillars of Marie-Therese-Venezia. Giant Ferris wheel is located in Prater - Vienna.

Turkey is a state of history and beauty. It is an ancient state that has been crowned the pinnacle of the Islamic state for over 400 years. It is a country with different cultural and cultural dimensions than any other country around the world. Turkey is a country with a charming and wonderful nature. There is no place in Turkey without tourist attractions. Some say that it is a dream country. It is a country filled with marine, mountain and wilderness recreation places. Charming, every visitor and tourist feels that Turkey is his own one.

Turkey's most popular tourist attractions: Istanbul is an introduction to the culture and history of the ancient Turkish people. It is a city filled with Islamic history, heritage, museums and Islamic mosques. The most famous of which are Taksim Square, the Blue Mosque and the Attarin Market. The Grand Bazaar is an old souk filled with antiques and Turkish handicrafts. , A destination for tourists from all over the world. Pamukkale Castle, the Turkish-language cotton fortress, looks like white hills of snow and magnificent blue waters. In fact, it is a warm water pond in summer and winter. These pools are formed by volcanic activity. Mineral water rich in medicinal properties, and enjoy its breathtaking view unparalleled anywhere in the world.

France, with its capital Paris, is the most popular tourist destination in the world, with more than 83 million visitors every year. Paris is known for its sweet atmosphere and beautiful romance. France is famous for its gastronomy, food, fashion, art and culture France has 37 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List. France has a number of high-cultural countries, beaches and tourist resorts. It has a beautiful and tranquil tourist area with green attractions. The most famous tourist places in France

* Eiffel tower . Arc of Victory. Louvre Museum . Notre Dame Cathedral. Grveyard of the Great. Garnier Palace.

Germany is located in the center of Europe, the largest industrialized country in the world. Its capital is Berlin. It is one of the founders of the European Union. Germany is a world class tourist destination because of its cultural and cultural diversity and geographical location in Central Europe. Germany is considered one of the best tourist countries suitable for family trips, as well as for youth tourism trips. It is a suitable place for honeymoon for newly married couples. Germany is also famous for its therapeutic health trips. There are areas and trails for hiking, Of palaces, gardens and parks.

The most famous tourist places in Germany
Heidelberg Castle is one of many tourist attractions in Germany. In one year, the castle has reached more than 2 million tourists. It is a magnificent palace, a historical symbol, characterized by a beautiful structural structure, alongside statues rich in heritage and splendor. The German Museum The German Museum is distinguished by historical and historical features of Germany in ancient European times. The Pergamon Museum is a unique heritage museum, one of the most famous museums in Germany and in general Europe. It is divided into three sections. We represent the famous archaeological collections of Babylon and Syria and the ancient Assyrian communities.

The number of tourists visiting Greece is about 19.5 tourists each year, as the tourist in Greece dates back to the foot of history in Greece, it is known that the Greek civilization of the oldest civilizations in the world. Greece has many archaeological sites dating back to the time of the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines, as well as the beautiful natural attractions of the forests and the characteristic summer beaches. The most famous tourist places in Greece: Santorini Island, an island in the Aegean Sea in southeastern Greece, features an interesting date, along with magnificent landscapes. Meteora, an ancient Greek word meaning suspended in the air, describes the magnificent slopes, which rise to more than 366 meters. These cliffs overlook the villages of Kalambaka and Kastraki in the center of the north of Yunnan.

Delphi, a popular archaeological site in Greece, is about two hours away from the Greek capital, steeped in the foothills of the stunning Parnassus Mountains. Crete, the largest island in Greece, is a land with spectacular landscapes, with its beaches, mountains and countryside filled with olive trees.

Italy is the fourth largest tourist country in the world and the fifth most visited country in the world. Italy is famous for its beautiful capital Rome, known for its ancient architectural style, Roman structures and the Vatican City. Rome is the cradle of culture and inspiration in Europe. It consists of three parts. The Earth is connected to Uriba, two islands of Sicillia and Sardegna. Italy is characterized by Mediterranean climate, which is relatively mild in the winter and relatively free in the summer, and we see the beauty of the snow covering the Alps and the Beninese in the north. Italy is known for its art and culture. Italy is characterized by its flair, theaters and international music. Italy is famous for its food. Italian cuisine is one of the most prominent kitchens in the world. Italian cuisine is famous for pasta and pizza. The most famous tourist places in Italy: Leaning Tower of Pisa . Coliseum in Rome. Venetian forces in Venice. Domo in Milan.

Spain has been known as a huge cultural and cultural center, which contains many ancient civilizations, including the Arab civilization represented in Andalusia that appears in the southern half of Spain, which has many ancient cities such as Cordoba, Granada, Seville, and the Spanish preserved the relics And the distinctive architectural treasures of these cities, which are among the most important tourist attractions in Spain. Spain is the third largest tourist destination in the world. The most famous tourist places in Spain: Seville, is a cultural, commercial and maritime center of the first class. Palma de Mallorca, filled with beaches and restaurants, bustling with bustling life and nights. The city of Cordoba, the most famous cities with Islamic history. Barcelona city of tourism and beauty.

Switzerland is known in the Alps, surrounded by all directions, although it contains more than 1500 lakes, a world-class Susia in the first countries with a high standard of living and a stable economy. Switzerland is famous for its beautiful landscapes, its mountains and lakes, Switzerland is famous for the manufacture of milk, cheese and chocolate, and the most important industry and the most famous is the watch industry. Swira is a state-of-the-art tourist destination with attractive tourist attractions, beautiful and distinctive, and is one of the most beautiful and beautiful tourist destinations around the world The most important tourist places in Switzerland: The Matterhorn Mountains, one of the highest peaks of the famous Camel Mountains, stretches on the border between Aswisra and Italy, about 4.5 kilometers high, one of the most dangerous mountain peaks around the world. Chillon Castle This castle is located on a beach in Geneva, in the commune of Vitto, dating from the 14th century. It consists of a number of underground domes and about 25 buildings, with more than hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The Zigelog Tower, located in Berlin, one of the oldest in the world, was built in 1530 in the Baroque style. The tower consists of an astronomical clock next to statues and two clock towers.