The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

the Fox

the Fox
The fox is a mammal of the platypus, and it is often smaller than grazing dogs and larger than cats. The fox feeds on insects and small animals such as rabbits, rodents, young mammals, reptiles and birds. Rodents make up 70 percent of the fox's food, which lives in nature. 50% of the foxes' food, which lives in proximity to cities, farms and communities because they feed on the waste and the dry and some types of vegetables and fruits. The foxes are known for intelligence, dodging, speed of 40 km per hour, strong sense of smell, sharp vision of moving objects, and live alone except in the season of mating and raising the young.

The fox can produce many sounds to communicate with the rest of the foxes, totaling 28 different sounds. These sounds include: howling, barking, wasting, and lumbering. They have a strong sense of hearing. They can hear low frequency sounds and hear rodents when digging underground. .
Fox is a social animal. Fox is a social animal. It lives in groups driven by a strong fox. The group of foxes includes: foxes, brothers, females, and small foxes that still require care and attention. They usually sleep during the day and go out at night to hunt. If the group of foxes live safely, they may go out for daytime fishing. During the mating season, the female fox expresses her willingness to marry by issuing a kind of loud howling, which is closest to screaming. The female female carries the fox to fifty-three days and is placed two to seven young at a time. The fox is called a puppy. The couple takes care of the puppies, and the older siblings contribute to caring for the young puppies by bringing them food.

The fox often lives in the forest. He can also live in deserts, mountains and pastures, where he builds his house in an underground burrow called the wicker. The oaks are of good temperature, so foxes can sleep during the day at temperatures It is also suitable for storing food, safe for young foxes.Fox is a carnivorous animal, but it also feeds on plants. Examples of what fox eat: rats, lizards, rabbits, mice, fruits, birds, insects, and can feed on crabs and fish if they are They live near the ocean, but if they find it difficult to find food, they eat the remains of food in the garbage cans.

Fox ear bats It is characterized by its large brown ears and brown color. It lives in dry areas and is located in South and East Africa. It feeds on small insects such as manna and on small rodents, where it can be caught by its quick neighbors and its course is sharply changed during running and sometimes feeds on fruits.

Gray fox It is characterized by its gray fur color in the back area, rustic color on the neck, arms, feet, bottom tail, white color in the abdomen and lower parts, and black color at the tip of its tail. The fox lives in southern Canada and the southern United States, Mexico and Central America, This type of tree fox, because it climbs trees on other non-species.

Polar Fox He lives in the Arctic Ocean in the islands around the Arctic Ocean. He also lives in the far north of Asia, Europe and North America, and is preferred to live in tree-free areas. The fox is small in size, 70 centimeters long and 40 centimeters long, The color of its fur changes in the summer from brown to gray to bright white in the winter as a way to hold its prey easily. The polar fox adapts to the harsh cold through the long fur covering its entire body, as well as its short and circular ears to keep the heat constant. The gray blue foxes come from their fur, and the polar foxes feed on small mammals, birds, eggs and the remains of bears. It is one of the smallest species of foxes, with a length of about 40 centimeters. It is characterized by its large ears, its pale gray and pale gray fur, as well as its short tail and long soft fur. Its other names are the golden or hippocampus, which lives in a desert environment and is found in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Red fox
The white fur covers the abdominal area, is characterized by black legs and the end of the tail of the white tail, and lives in most parts of Asia and Europe and parts of North America, and in South Australia and North Africa, red foxes feed on rodent meat, rabbits, birds, frogs, fish, mollusks, land buffers, and small reptiles. Some may eat fruits such as grapes, apples, and berries. One of the most famous types of red fox is the cross fox in relation to the big cross in the middle of his arm to the middle of his back, silver foxes with black fur, Tibetan fox in the Himalayas and Kashmir, and Japanese red.