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Tourism in Algeria

Tourism in Algeria Reasons why you may visit Algeria: - The cities of Algeria have a special character that does not resemble the cities of the Levant, and you will feel it as you walk among the buildings of the major cities such as Constantine, Oran, Tlemcen, Balida and the capital. These cities combine many architectural styles, such as Turkish and French and Algerian colonialism.Culture and Arts: Do you know other types of Algerian music? You have to attend Andalusia or Hawzi, Malouf, Al-Sha'bi or Kabylie concerts, enjoy the melodies of the Emad while enjoying tea in the desert, or perform a dance with the Diwan music the kitchen :- The couscous .. Of course you should not miss one of the famous dish of this dish, but there is more Algerian cuisine that has not gained its international fame compared to the neighboring countries. What do you think of this restaurant and you will experience the flavors of the Maghreb, desert, Turkish and French. Beaches and coasts: The Algerian coastline is 1600 kilometers long, all of which are charming beaches with golden sands or rocky beaches. The coastline is adorned with beautiful cities such as Annaba, Oran and the capital, the most famous of which are the tourists of Tipaza, Bejaia and Jijel, as well as a number of villages, small towns and tourist resorts. the amazing nature :- If you still believe that Algeria is predominantly desert, then you will be surprised by the evergreen nature of the orchards and plains, and a large number of white mountain ranges of winter snow, and environmental parks compete to attract visitors, such as the Garden of Sharia, In the winter, in addition to the reserves of Taza, Qayra and Qawrayya, which shine more in the summer because they are on the Algerian coast. Archaeology :- There are seven monuments of UNESCO World Heritage listed in the UNESCO list, ranging from Roman and Islamic monuments and inscriptions dating back millions of years. Do not miss the effects of Tipaza, Timadad, Jamayat, Kasbah, Wadi Mesab and many other sites. The most important cities of Algeria: Annaba: - Located in the north-east of Algeria, the city of Annaba, overlooking the Mediterranean coast, became an important port, formerly called the city of Bouna, but soon changed its name to the city of Annaba, due to the presence of jujube trees in abundance. Anab is one of the most important tourist destinations around the world. Many tourists from all over the world flock to Annaba to enjoy its magnificent sea and antique buildings. Tlemcen: - Is a city in northwest Algeria, the capital of the state of Tlemcen. The second most important city after Oran in the west. This area includes Andalusian landmarks rooted in the Grand Islamic Maghreb. It is the city of religion and history abounds with timeless artistic buildings. The city is located within the vineyards and olive groves, and is famous for the leather and embroidery industry and the textile industry. And made them all these influences sit at the top of the tourist areas that attract tourists to visit Tlemcen in Algeria. Timimun or the Red Oasis is located in Algeria, about 1400 km from Algiers. It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the Algerian desert. It is famous for its dense palm groves and desert trees and plants, as well as its shortness between the sand dunes, The problem of this mosaic mosaic painting is open to the vast desert nature. aljeria :- Is the largest city on the Mediterranean coast in the middle of the coastal road linking Tunisia to the east of Morocco, the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean coast, and spread its life and buildings over a range of hills overlooking the sea, and spread on the slopes and slopes and in the plain flat under the palm trees and lemon trees Orange and olive. Constantine: - One of its many advantages is that it is one of the centers of Andalusian music. It is also referred to its distinctive traditional cuisine and traditional handicraft products such as copper and gold thread embroidery, which is known as the "Qandoura", and can be seen in their shops in the Old City. Taget Algeria: - Taghit is a jewel in its beauty, its palm groves, its natural diversity and its sand dunes on which the city rests. For its beautiful beauty, Taghit has become a center for attracting tourists who visit it annually from inside and outside Algeria. Oran: - It combines two styles of architecture, one of which is modern by the French and the other is Andalusian-style. It is surrounded by vineyards. Its weather is pleasant and its atmosphere is calm and its streets are full of movement. The city's landmarks include Al-Darb neighborhood, the modern city district, the first square of November and the Al-Basha Mosque built in 1796. There are sidewalks on the beach that enjoy hiking in the evening and evening, and in the Oran area there is the tourist eye which has a group of the best hotels in Oran and the Andalusian tourist complex overlooking the Mediterranean. Bejaia :- Bejaia has a unique location on the Mediterranean coast, with its magnificent beach and bay with beautiful views. Bejaia is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Algeria due to the beautiful places available in it such as monkey summit, the Cape of Cape and the city of Bejaia and other landmarks and wonderful areas. Ghardaia: - Ghardaia is located in a desert area north of the Algerian desert, about 600 km south of Algiers. Besides the fascinating beauty of the Ghardaïa region and its very rare desert terraces, there are archaeological and historical sites, most notably palaces. In Ghardaia, several ancient palaces appear uniform in shape and homogeneous in their colors. Tipasa: - Situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, this wonderful city has a wealth of historical and archaeological sites. You can visit and see many of the Phoenician and Roman ruins that are still clearly visible to the lovers of history and archeology.