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Tourism in Havana Cuba The most important tourist attractions in Cuba

Tourism in Havana Cuba
The most important tourist attractions in Cuba

Cuba is the gateway to South America and is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Caribbean, where you will find old farms, fertile valleys, magnificent beaches, rich history and literary monuments. Here are the 10 most enchanting and beautiful areas in this country, whose economy relies on tourism as an important source of income.

City of Havana: -
It is a vibrant cultural point of view and is characterized by a large cultural circle. And what distinguishes it from other cities is that the fields are packed with American cars and surrounded by a number of buildings characteristic of the magnificent architecture that makes you feel and cank in Europe.

Zapata National Park:
The park is 900 miles southeast of Havana. The park is home to some of Cuba's most diverse flora and fauna, with more than seventy-five bird species found, as well as thirty-one species of reptiles, as well as endemic species such as the Cuban crocodile.

City of Vinales: -
This city has a significant impact on the rest of the country because it is considered the source of tobacco, and is spread by organic agriculture.

Dinosaur Park: -
Located in the east of Santiago de Cuba, it is home to many tropical forests, cloud forests, coastal areas and caves that include many extinct species such as bats and spiders. The park also has many tourist attractions, with beautiful views and views surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. The most interesting thing about you is the presence of dozens of dinosaurs carved out of stone in a form that demonstrates the creativity and magnificence of its designers.

Cayo Coco Island: -
This island is known for its diving sport. The island is located on the northern coast of Cuba. The island is a natural reserve of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. It consists of eleven different parts of coastal forests and mangrove forests that are marked by coral reefs and surrounded by two national parks Such as Santa Maria. There are also two wildlife sanctuaries, in addition to thirty-five different sites of archaeological sites and caves with frescoes and original rural art. This area is considered one of the best dive areas in the Caribbean Sea at all.

City of Sienfuegos: -
The distance you reach to this civilization is approximately half an hour or hour. This civilization is located in the west along the coast of the Bay of Pigs and this civilization has everything that pleases and makes you happy because it is full of art, culture and history. There are lots of things you can do in this civic even if just walking on foot will help you feel happy. The strange in this civilization is the control of the European sense of it thanks to the magnificent architecture in the country.

 Malikon Walk: -

This walkway runs along Havana Beach and sometimes you can only jump from it.

Plaza de Armas: -

One of the most beautiful and oldest five squares in Havana, featuring wonderful palm trees as well as a daily market for used goods containing all kinds of local ornaments.

Miramar: -

One of the neighborhoods of the capital, Havana, which is famous for the presence of foreign embassies, as well as luxury shops and some luxurious architectural buildings.

Russian Embassy :-

One of the most interesting buildings in Miramar, one of the most important skyscrapers inhabited by Soviet troops.

Trinidad: -

Described as a "maze of time", this wonderful town allows local travelers to stay in any of their homes and enjoy the atmosphere of the past.

Maria La Jorda: -

Its clear and clear waters made it a popular diving spot on the national level.