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tourism in Morocco

tourism in Morocco
Morocco is characterized by its diversity of climate and has a distinctive character of the vegetation and animal, and made nature beautiful, attracting tourists from all over the world.

The Kingdom of Morocco is a country of nature and unique landscape tourism. Morocco has benefited from its position in the African continent, its openness to the Mediterranean Sea and its belonging to the Arab nation as the host country for many tourists of all races. An Arab country characterized by its varied terrain between mountains, plateaus and seas, making it a global tourist destination for landscapes

Morocco is located in North Africa, one of the Arab Maghreb countries. Morocco is distinguished by its ancient history, which embraced many civilizations. The population of different countries and peoples also moved there. It has a great historical heritage. It contains many archaeological sites that UNESCO is trying to include within Historic sites.

Morocco has a lot of water springs that attract tourists with its natural beauty, such as the springs of Umm al-Rabi, which consists of forty-seven species, forty of which are sweet and seven are salty.

Morocco is a developing country that is trying to boost its economy by exploiting the advantages it enjoys and its tourism imports.
Tourism plays a major role in increasing the economy of the country through tourist visits, whether archaeological, religious or natural.

Tourism in Morocco is not limited to historical sites, but the beauty of nature is a big one. A tourist who likes to enjoy snow and skiing can visit the small city of Azilal. The Atlas Mountains become a special place to ski in large areas. Where tourists go to the mountainous region to escape the heat, and the summer is distinctive in some areas in Morocco, where the tourist visits the mountain areas for the sport of climbing, and those areas of the suburbs of Marrakech.

Tourism in Morocco varies; there are those who like to increase the historical cities that embrace historical heritage, such as the city of Fez, which is considered the first city to enter Islam in Morocco, and the most important characteristic of the existence of the University of the villagers, and markets containing traditional and historical products, Is a place for lovers of history, including the Badia Palace, Agdal Gardens and the historic Jemaa El Fna Square, while Tangier welcomes tourists with libraries, museums and castles, which show their history and history.

Some of the best places to visit in Morocco are:

Ifran City Switzerland Morocco: -

Ovens or Switzerland The small Morocco on the Mediterranean Mountains is an attraction for tourists with its waterfalls and picturesque green landscape. The ovens are characterized by extreme cold and snow that cover the foothills of the mountains in autumn and winter and the mild weather in summer and spring.

 Bridging between the Water lake and rare birds: -
The area between Ben Waidan Dam and Beni Mellal is about 60 km away. It is a quiet natural place with one of the largest lakes in Morocco. The place is characterized by its richness, unique terrain, its unique green forests, and its lake water that attracts birds from everywhere.

 Eyes of spring The magic of nature :-
The springs of Umm al-Rabi are located in the Mediterranean Atlas mountains and 30 kilometers from the city of Khenifra. The number of eyes of the river of Umm al-Rabi'a is 47 eyes, 40 of which are sweet eyes and seven salty eyes. The eyes enchant the tourist with its natural beauty and waterfalls.

 Oureka Region Valleys and waterfalls in the summer and winter: -

Eureka, located about 60 km from Marrakesh, has a cold weather during the winter and summer, and is located in the great Atlas Mountains. A hot season in the city of Marrakesh is more than forty, but Aurica is outside the world of heat, something that makes it a tourist attraction during the day and summer days.

 Ouzoud Falls in Morocco: -
The Ouzoud Falls are located 190 km from Marrakesh in the Mediterranean Atlas Mountains. The Ouzod Falls cross the highest waterfalls in the North African continent. The waterfalls are derived from the River Um Al-Rabee. Waterfalls is the most visited place in the Azilal area and is located near green valleys, traditional mills, colorful orchards and the springs of the river of slaves, which holds waterfalls.

 Village of Fatima at the end of the Eureka valley:
The city is located approximately one hour from Marrakech. The area is characterized by the sound of the water everywhere, which points to the magnificent City of Fatima Falls. Unique landscapes, as you ascend the falls and at the same time enjoy mountain climbing amid popular restaurants everywhere.

 Damanat Geological wealth:

A city famous for olive oil and located in the Great Atlas Mountains. The city is rich in natural and geological resources, the most important of which is the Cave of the Faithful "The mouth of the raid". The cave is characterized by natural engineering, with cold water drops from its roof, green plants and rocky architecture showing the greatness of the Creator.

Great blue roses grow on a wall in Morocco:
Located on the southern foothills of the Atlas Mountains in southern Morocco, the city is associated with the cultivation of roses and its annual tourist and cultural festival to celebrate the roses season. The city is characterized by the splendor of its mountains and its cold climate in winter and mild in the summer.