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Damage to swimming pools and water pollution Water Pollution

Damage to swimming pools and water pollution
Water Pollution
There is no doubt that swimming is fun and beautiful especially if it is on hot summer days, but does that pleasure do not harm our health? Or more precisely chlorine swimming pools do you cause damage to us? Well, follow us next article Dear reader to know this yourself and also know how to protect yourself and your children from him to listen swimming without concern

In places where there are swimming pools, maintenance personnel discharge daily water to the bathroom. After cleaning the bottom, the toilet is filled with water and the disinfectant is added. What happens next? Visitors are welcomed in varying numbers and participate in swimming, and each is a source of transmission of germs and diseases. For example, when a person has diarrhea, some germs and faecal residue must be attached to the anus, so the water

passes over its germ-carrying body and travels to another person and becomes susceptible to the same disease. It is also the case for children, who usually ingest a certain amount of water while swimming, and who are more susceptible to the disease than adults for weak resistance, colds and tonsillitis. Sterilization products, which consist mainly of chlorine, are in themselves a pathogen and can cause many skin diseases, especially with direct sunlight, and chlorine is unable to eliminate all types of bacteria.
According to a new study found that mixing of sweat and urine, in addition to other organic substances, disinfectants used in those waters, the study found that swimming pools are more dangerous than they might think. Bathrooms, may be hazardous to health. The results of this research have been published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

The redness of the eyes, swelling and coughing after swimming pools are usually attributed to chemicals used to sterilize the water, but the specialists attributed these symptoms to more organic causes. The "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" Chloramines, resulting from the mixing of body fluids, such as sweat and urination, chlorine, behind the strong odor that characterized the swimming pools, and it causes irritation of the respiratory system and the eyes
The most famous swimming pool diseases
Skin infections are the most common diseases that are transmitted through swimming pools and are very common in children and people with sensitive skin, in addition to the following diseases, which require immediate go to the doctor when symptoms appear:
Rashes: It appears as a slight skin irritation and quickly turns into painful red spots and swelling of the skin

Ringworm: A skin disease that appears in the form of circular spots and is caused by fungi living in
swimming pools and has good resistance to disinfectants.
 Ringworm: In fact, the disease does not move from the water in the bath, but it moves from the floor surrounding the bath and from the drying towels shared in clubs and hotels. The disease appears as itching, blisters and painful splits between the fingers
 Foot Palsy Infection occurs as a result of HPV infection and is transmitted by direct contact with the skin, usually occurring at the bottom of the foot or on the inside of the big toe.

Diarrhea and intestinal influenza: Diarrhea may be transmitted as a result of bacterial infection from an infected person. It is exacerbated in children and begins to appear after a period of leaving the swimming pool, accompanied by abdominal pain, vomiting and high temperature.