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Travel to Brunei Darussalam

Travel to Brunei
Also known as Dar es Salaam, the Sultanate of Brunei is one of the favorite destinations for tourists and tourists because of its great political stability and harmony between races and religions.
Because of its tranquility and stability.
Important information about Brunei
Brunei is officially an Islamic state with hundreds of beautiful mosques spread throughout the country. In Brunei it is forbidden to sell alcohol. During Ramadan, many shops and restaurants open. However, eating, drinking or smoking is forbidden to people during fasting. There are a large number of foreign workers working on oil and gas production or in fewer jobs such as restaurant staff, field workers and local staff. The ratio of males to females is 3: 2. More than a quarter of the people are migrant workers in the short term, mostly men.

There are many cultural and linguistic differences that make Brunei distinct, since the Malay population is larger in neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia, although it is ethnically and in common with the Islamic religion. The oil wealth allows the Brunei government to provide people with the highest quality health care systems in Asia. Malaria and cholera have been eliminated. There are five public hospitals - in Bandar Seri Begawan, Tutong, Kuala Belit, Bangar, and the Italian League - and there are many health clinics throughout the country.

To apply for a visa of any kind from the above, you must visit the Embassy of the Sultanate of Brunei in the country where the visa is located,
 Before applying for a visa, you must check your passport for at least 90 days.
Also, make sure that there are at least two empty pages in the passport to print the seals on them

To apply for a visa of any kind, please visit the Embassy of the Sultanate of Brunei in the country where the visa holder is located. Before applying for a visa, you must verify that your passport is valid for at least 90 days. At least two blank pages in the passport to print the stamps on them

 The reason for the visit should be determined to apply for a state visa prior to the visit. The types of visas available in Brunei are.
 Transit visa.
Family Visa.
Employee Visa.
Tourist Visa.
Diplomatic visa.
Study visa.
work visa.
Investment Visa.
Employee Visa.

Brunei has a temperate continental climate and rainfall throughout the year along both the coast and in the interior. The Sultanate has a tropical climate because of its equator. Tropical forests cover most of the territory of Brunei with up to 70% of its total land. [3] The highest average temperature during the day is 29.4 ° C, while the lowest temperature is 21.1 ° C for all months of the year and in all seasons.

Rooney or Negara Brunei Darussalam is a small but wealthy Islamic state because of its oil reserves. Brunei is a unique tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Tourism is one of the major contributors to GDP. The country offers a wide range of attractive places such as rainforests and national parks rich in flora and fauna. There are many wonderful mosques, and in the water village (traditional and historic houses). The Government is promoting and promoting tourism as an important part of economic diversification. We will offer you the most important tourist attractions.

Brunei is easy to travel to; it can be reached by air, sea or land, as well as many transportation within the country, facilitating internal traffic. In Brunei, Brunei International Airport, which serves the entire Kingdom, is the country's main transit point for air arrivals,
 Brunei also owns the Royal Brunei Airline, which was launched in the 1970s and is the country's official airline,
There are also 3 helicopter landing and landing sites.