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Benefits and damage of the sauna

The sauna is a small room designed to be a high temperature wet and dry The origin of the word
sauna from the Finnish language "sauna" in the warm environment The practitioner sits for sauna sessions at 80 degrees Celsius help the sauna to relax and stimulate sweating sauna rooms made of wood, but in In cases of heart and lung diseases, the patient is not permitted to enter the sauna rooms for high temperature. It is necessary to choose a suitable temperature for at least one quarter of an hour. You should take a bath that is not cold and the hair is not allowed to enter the sauna. From

taking a direct bath and regularity of 2-3 minutes Preferably to be with you inside the fibrous sauna to massage the body gently after the exit must be drinking water or natural juice to compensate fluids that came out of the body in case of nausea must be immediately out of the sauna room must be calm Relax inside the sauna room.

Benefits of sauna sessions: -
Treat some body problems such as:
Coronary artery disease.
Remove dead skin cells.
Improve hair growth.
Relieve fatigue.
Reduce cholesterol in the body.
Cellulite treatment.
Enhance body immunity. Treatment of sleep disorders.
Increase skin freshness.
Reduce stress.
Treatment of respiratory diseases.
Asthma, and bronchitis.
Treatment of some skin diseases.

Activate blood circulation in the body.
To expel toxins from the body. losing weight.
Increased stamina.
Lighten the pores of the skin to facilitate sweating.
Treatment of joint diseases,
Increasing their mobility and flexibility,
As well as reduce joint pain.
Relieve muscle aches from exercise.
Improve mental capacity,
They expand the blood vessels in the brain,
Which increases the amount of blood reaching it.
Dissolve the fat accumulated in some areas of the body. Cleaning the face of make-up effects,
And get rid of skin problems, like pimples.

Damaged sauna bath:
Damage is limited to its increase and abundance.
For those who suffer from asthma and respiratory cases and water bags in the lungs because it increases, so the duration should not exceed a quarter of an hour (15 minutes) per session or half an hour intermittent
If the sauna rate increases or the length of stay in the bath increases, the benefits of the bath will be damaged due to excessive exposure to dry heat. The appropriate rate for the bath is two to three times a week, at most, provided that the bath does not exceed 15 minutes.
Damage to frequent sauna sessions:
Despite the many benefits of sauna sessions that make them suitable options for body comfort, but there are a number of damages and caveats on the large number of sauna sessions prefer not to

increase the rate of the bathroom once a week only the frequent use of more than once causes skin exposure to drought and the body also to dry because of loss of fluids in the body as The exposure of the skin to excess heat for a long time seriously harms the skin. The session should not exceed 15 minutes. Some mistakenly believe that the longer the session lasts, the longer the session, the more redness, irritation and loss of fluid the body needs. The temperature of the sauna causes severe skin burns Some young people prefer to increase the temperature of the sauna in the belief that it takes better effect and this causes serious damage to the skin does not exceed the temperature in the case of well-being of only 80 degrees Celsius prefer to move away from the source of steam so as not to be exposed to skin burns, The mother of the sauna and no plastic materials inside the bathroom because they swell with high temperature and cause damage to the skin also for heart patients and pregnant do not prefer to work a sauna permanently.