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City of the Great Jinn The strangest place in the world

The strangest places in the world
Greater Jin City:
Is an ancient city found by chance during the renovation of a house in the province of Dirinkokyo in Turkey in 1963 consists of 11 layers up to 85 meters deep, and can accommodate 50 thousand people, and comparable to building the strength and wonders of the construction of pharaohs, according to the estimate of archaeologists and the construction of its first layer to the year 1400 AD The city contains ventilation holes that were closed by rocks weighing 500 kg to prevent the entry of 

enemies and corridors and tunnels up to 8 meters linking cities to each other also contains 52 wells, rivers, rooms, school and oil and olive presses and stables and kitchens still dark walls by use.
The people of the city inherited the myth that the jinn built this city thousands of years ago and abandoned it and will return to it one day. When the city was discovered, the Turks did not believe what their eyes saw. They insisted that it was done by the jinn, not the humans.

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It is undoubtedly one of the wonders of the world, and one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world, how it is not, which many archaeologists likened to being a very complex city whose complexity and sophistication match the complexity and mastery of the pyramids of Pharaonic.

It is Derinkuyu Underground City. A giant underground city in Turkey, was found by accident in 1963 during the renovation work of a house in Dirnkoyo district of the province of Nushar in central Turkey when a gate was found and opened to lead to the discovery of this giant abandoned city underground, Its magnitude and its inferiority in this way is what called on the local people to name the city of the jinn, believing that the jinn is the one who built it at first.
Engineering and construction The architecture of the city of Dirnkoyo is characterized by difficulty and precision. Soft volcanic rocks are the basis of construction in the city. The reason is that these rocks form columns to support the layers of the earth above them. It is noteworthy that the architects of the building have confirmed that the construction of the city of the jinn under the ground with such precision and surprise is a challenge to any other civilization, and the 

description of the construction of the city to be a miracle no less valuable than the pyramids of Giza. Archaeologists and engineers were surprised that the city's catacombs and corridors were not affected by any disaster. The city's builders were in doubt that they had acquired one of the modern technologies of their time in building the city.
The Direnkoyo region is geographically composed of soft volcanic rocks of medium hardness. Perhaps this is one of the most important reasons why this underground city built the underground to choose this particular place to dig and build this city.

he elements of erosion (wind and water) formed strange forms in their rocks and their structural features on the surface as seen in this picture.
This giant archaeological city consists of 11 underground floors, up to 85 meters deep, so large that it can accommodate 35,000 to 50,000 people.
The city's layers and rooms The city of Jinn has a depth of more than 85 meters underground. Despite this great depth, it is equipped with a large proportion of men, children and women. Archaeologists have been able to discover only thirteen layers below the earth's surface, and the city has a sufficient number of ventilation holes that allow the passage of fresh air to the lowest layers of the city. In addition to the above the city consists of a number of large rooms.