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The worlds hidden and the most exotic tourist areas in the world

The strangest tourist areas in the world
Island of the murdered brides: -
Is a small island located in the jungles of Mexico acquired the island fame and attracted tourists from all over the world not because of the nature of the beautiful due to the legend of more than 50 years and tells that a man took his little girl to walk in the river and arrived on this island and sank his daughter and died Since then, the man named Julian Santana has lived on the island and taken the old puppets and dumped in the garbage and snatched the sunken dolls and placed them

on the trees, believing that she would protect his sunken girl from evil spirits and protect her spirit and satisfy her even as Julian sank in time The lake spread around the terrifying stories about him and his death drowned leaving behind the island teeming with hundreds of terrifying dolls and puppets.
What is the story of these dolls and what is the secret behind their existence in this remote place?

Is a story dating back half a century, where it is mentioned that the monk Santana is the maker of this terrifying island was dedicated to him from the age of fifty years, as a gift sent to the spirit of a girl died drowned in a lake on the island itself, decided from that time to convert this place to more A terrifying place on earth, where this monk was an isolated and unselfish person and no one loved to visit

He began to collect the dolls from the litter boxes or replace the old dolls with the vegetables and fruit he sowed and sold. Sometimes he spent all he had to buy the dolls only and did not care much
about the situation he would have taken, even if it was distorted or truncated.

The monk died in 2001 and the strange thing is that his body was found soaked in the same lake where the girl died and no one knew why he died. The island then turned into a tourist destination for tourists, explorers and those interested in exotic phenomena and from around the world.

The Island of Dummies
The island of puppets inhabited by lovers of horror and mystery you will find hanging everywhere in this strange island !! And will raise your fears inevitably, although it is dolls like the children play! But what's secret ??

It is one of the strangest and most frightening areas in the world, located in Mexico and south of Mexico City.

Contains thousands of tedious and deformed toys and toys hanging on its abandoned trees and branches.

It is a tourist area that attracts tourists from all over, and its visitors believe that these dolls are strangely staring at them while passing by the boats along the island, as others claim or fancy that these dolls are whispering among themselves and glaring at them with their heads.