The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Death opened the strangest tourist places around the world

Named after the slot of death due to the disappearance of many of the divers this place without obvious reasons, the same blue hole, which attracts hundreds of thousands of divers and Mahbua

adventure come to see this scenic
It is strange that those who attend the holes talking about the existence of strange aquatic creatures did not watch them before at all,
These holes look Ktjoev deep blue is located in the national waters of'blaz 'and the Bahamas between the Americas and is characterized by the presence of multiple holes and often entrances to be a network of caves and a depth of 14 kilometers
 It was said that these holes were formed in the ice age when sea level in the Bahamas less than 150 meters than it is now, with the passage of time, the erosion of

the limestone component of the islands and formed overlapping network of caves and water returned to rise again for thousands of years.