The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Eid al - Fitr for the year 1439

Muslims in the Arab and Islamic world are waiting for the Eid al-Fitr, after the countdown to the month of Ramadan began and we passed the middle of the holy month that all Muslims expect from year to year. This month is the month of mercy and forgiveness.

The month of Ramadan is the month when the doors of the jinn are opened and the doors of fire are closed and the devil is shrouded in it. There is a lot of good and good deeds in it, and there is tolerance and amnesty between people. The Egyptian astronomical research revealed the date of Eid al-Fitr, may God rest his soul and the Islamic nation with good, Yemen and blessing. The President of the Institute of Astronomical

Research Dr. Hatem Odeh confirmed that Eid al-Fitr this year 2018 will be on Friday, 15 June. This year only 29 days, and the end of the fourteenth of this month astronomical, and the House of Ifta Egyptian poll the Roy of the month of Shawwal on Thursday after next, and the vision of legitimacy is to decide the date of the beginning of Shawwal and the first day of Eid al-Fitr.
On the other hand, astronomical research has been announced in several Arab countries, led by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait.

That Eid al-Fitr on June 15 to conform to the estimates of the 
Egyptian fascist.