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Pygmy City is the strangest tourist place in the world

Kingdom of Pygmies
A new kind of tourism has emerged in southwest China's Yunnan Province where a generation of pygmies has established a real city in Kunming with a population of only 130 cm.
The city has all the facilities and services available in regular cities such as shops, infrastructure public relations department and the Ministry of Health. Small houses are also designed in the form of mushrooms.

The city is a small kingdom, where a dwarf king was installed with dwarf guards guarding his security and security of the city.
In the Pygmy Kingdom, the tourist feels that he is a giant man in a world filled with fairy tales. The city founded by a generation of pygmies is located in Kunming Yunnan Province. The kingdom has about 100 Chinese dwarfs who are required to join the private community not to exceed 130 cm From 18 to 40 years old.
The reason is that a group of pygmies in the Asian continent to escape the racism of human beings in general and away from the psychological problems resulting from the unacceptability of their form to escape from it all by building their own kingdom through which they can practice all aspects of their own life.

Just as what gives the city the character of fantasy and myth is the pygmies keenness to wear the clothes of the famous mythological heroes.
The Pygmies claim that the idea of creating the city came to stop the discrimination they witness in their daily lives by Giants" or ordinary people, but the reports revealed a tourist plan drawn up by major tour operators.

A resident of Kunming, Fu Tian says the dwarfs used to get orders from the "giants.Here, there's nobody else and all we do is just us.

More than 100 dwarfs live in Kunming, most of them engaged in entertainment, such as dancing, singing and living a normal life where they marry and have children.

The King is keen to attend all the entertainment offers to tourists and shake hands with the masses welcome them.