The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

The most dangerous tourist places in the world

The most dangerous tourist places in the world
Jellyfish Lake:
It is located on the island of Palau and contains millions of harmless gold jellyfish, but travelers must be warned of deep diving. At the lower levels of the lake there are large amounts of hydrogen sulphide that can be deadly

The rock "Half Dome" or (Half Dome),
 California's Yosemite National Park is one of the most well-known rocks in the country. Climbers face a very difficult climb. They are steep, with no help from a pair of ropes at the top. The trip to the top of the rock is 8.5 miles, But the last 400 feet is the toughest stage on the journey to the top

Yungas Road:
Is located in the state of "Bolivia", one of the most dangerous roads in the world, known as the "road of death," as this route passes by the forests of the "Amazon" at a height of 15 thousand feet, not exceeding 12 feet, in addition to the absence of walls surrounding him, Caused by rain and fog, and between 200 to 300 drivers a year are exposed to death accidents on this road.

Villarrica volcano:
 South Chile is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and requires extreme care, because of its descent, and the spread of fissures and avalanches.

"Snake Island":
 It is located 90 miles off the coast of Sao Paulo in Brazil and is home to the golden snake called "golden lancehead vipers." The number of snakes stationed there from this platoon is 4,000, one of the most dangerous and toxic snakes. To dissolve the name of human flesh, and prohibits the Brazilian government to enter that island, and enter only the Navy to guard the lighthouse, or scientists to conduct their research.

Village of Teanupoo:
 Located on Tahiti Island, one of the most dangerous beaches for windsurfing in the world, the 21-foot-high wave, as well as the proximity of steep coral reefs, increase the gravity of the place.

Mt Huashan Mountain: Located in central China's Hainan Province, with many Buddhist temples, it also houses one of the most dangerous mountain lanes in the world, and anyone who climbs it must be careful because many of its bridges are broken, Resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people who tried to climb up his crew.

Cerro Negro volcano:
Located in the city of "Leon" in the Republic of "Nicaragua", the smallest volcano in Central America, but it is very active, the volcano has erupted more than 20 times since 1850 so far, characterized by black sand, which passengers can ski over, but it is severe Regression and gravity, skiers must wear clothes and goggles, to avoid the hottest sand.

"Devil's Pool":
Was formed naturally near the edge of the Victoria Falls, on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and the danger of that pond is due to the ease of sliding and falling swimmers in the Muscat waterfall from this high rise, especially during the flood, which makes it one of the most dangerous places in the world.

New Smyrna Beach:
It is located in the province of "Volosia" in Florida, and although it appears to be a quiet and apparently safe place, it is one of the most

dangerous places for holidaymakers in the world, known as the "capital of shark attacks" of the large number of shark attacks in this spot, Another in the world.