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Top ten hotels around the world

Top ten hotels around the world

Hotel HotalSahrai in Morocco
Located in the town of Lavelnouville, Morocco, with its charming green nature, distinctive decorations on the walls of the hotel and very characteristic fountains, this hotel also has old commercial markets, health centers and very private swimming pools, which means a charming atmosphere for guests with all possible services.

Grand Bharat Hotel, India
This hotel is one of the most beautiful and the best hotels in the world with all the conditions that make it the best hotel because its location is very excellent. It is close to the attractions of Agra and Jaipur and is located in Gurgaon. Sculpted in sandstone forms and has been built on an area of ​​300 acres to consist of 100 rooms and 4 huge wings.

Broad 21 Hotel, United States
This hotel is well-designed and decorated in contemporary style. It is located in Victory, Massachusetts, where this hotel has been built in very pleasant colors. The hotel is also home to many shops and restaurants that cater to guests with the highest quality and accuracy.

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp Hotel in Namibia
The hotel is distinguished by its natural nature. It is composed of 8 luxurious tents and its floors are designed with excellent concrete floors. Its furnishings have a simple and delicate character, and the most distinctive feature is the aviation and hiking service outside it. .

Cape Weligama Hotel, Sri Lanka
The hotel is also one of the most important hotels in the whole world. It is designed with a huge design on 12 acres and is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. It has 40 villas with beautiful design surrounded by palm trees, a diving center and a very unique swimming pool.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Turkey

It is also one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. It can be said that it is a luxury tourist resort designed with the highest quality and accuracy. It was built on a green slope in Bodrum. It consists of 109 rooms. The rooms are very charming. This view can be seen through the most beautiful windows and gardens. On private swimming pools.

 Chiltern Firehouse Hotel, United Kingdom
Surprisingly, this great hotel is an old fire-fighting station that has been rebuilt to become a great design hotel with a very large architectural style and a true sense of privacy and taste. The staff serve the guests and offer them all the comforts.

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat Hotel New Zealand
It is a healthy hotel where guests can enjoy a healthy atmosphere by practicing yoga and meditation. The food provided is a healthy first-class food which also supports the healthy and psychological side of the guests by enjoying a beautiful atmosphere of nature and lakes of color Blue and snow-covered mountains.

The Miami Beach Edition Hotel in the United States
It is also one of the most distinguished hotels in the United States. Located on Miami Beach, this distinctive beach in Florida is a state-of-the-art luxury hotel with swimming pools and sauna rooms. It also has 297 rooms for bowling and ice skating.

Four Seasons Hotel, South Africa
The hotel is located in Johannesburg, which is characterized by charming nature and spectacular views. This hotel is undergoing many reforms that made it distinguished from other hotels in South Africa. The hotel's large area has 117 rooms and the quality of food served by the best chefs. .