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Wadi Rum in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Wadi Rum in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Wadi Rum Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts in the whole world, through which people can enjoy the beautiful scenery.
The large, compact, coordinated and high rock heads of the desert land (1,750 m) form a natural challenge for professional mountain climbers. Wadi Rum is known as Wadi al-Qamar. It was taken by Prince Faisal ibn al-Hussein and Lawrence of Arabia as a command center during the Great Arab Revolt against Ottoman Turks. This site witnessed the amazing heroic works of these two leaders.

Wadi Rum site Wadi Rum is located in the Hashemite
Kingdom of Jordan, in the south of the country. The road to Wadi Rum tends to the east of the desert road about 5 km south of the Jordanian city of Qweira. Wadi Rum is 25 km north of Aqaba Jordanian. From this road, those who intend Wadi Rum must walk approximately 35 kilometers to Wadi Rum.

Tourism in Wadi Rum The Wadi Rum area is considered one of the most beautiful areas of the
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and perhaps the whole world. For this reason, tourists visit this area constantly to visit it and enjoy its beautiful atmosphere that shows concern for the heart. Wadi Rum has another name, Wadi Al-Qamar, because of the great similarity between the topography of this valley and the topography of the moon. Hotels are not allowed to be built in this area as it is a natural area. Wadi Rum was best known for its portrayal of Lawrence of

Arabia in the 1960s, where it had a number of tourist promotions aimed at publicizing it and spreading its beautiful image throughout the world, making it an important tourist destination for many international tourism enthusiasts. In addition to the screening of the film Lawrence of Arabia in this fascinating and fascinating place, many other films, including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and many other films, have earned him twice as much fame. Tourism today is the main source of income for the population of the region. The tourist can practice in this region many of the sports that he wants, which are also famous and most important mountain climbing.