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Drinking hot water

Benefits of drinking hot water
Important and worthy of reading
Drink hot water on the empty stomach that I can deliver to everyone,
Nothing is more expensive, after our religion, than the health of the eternity ..
A cardiologist says:
If anyone who gets this mail sends it to anyone who knows it, it will save lives.
Treatment with hot water, you will not believe the large amount of diseases that God Almighty heal with water, he has praise and gratitude .

The Japanese Federation of Diseases published the following experience of water treatment, where the results of success 100% of the following diseases:
Headache, blood pressure, anemia, joint pain, paralysis, heart palpitations, epilepsy, obesity, cough, sore throat, asthma, meningitis, and other diseases related to urinary tract, hyperacidity, gastritis, dysentery, constipation, _ Any disease related to the eye, ear and throat _
Method of treatment with water that has been boiled:
Wake up early each morning and drink 4 cups of water each (160 mm) on an empty stomach. The water is inclined to heat not hot, but the tongue is warm.
Do not take any food or liquids before 45 minutes.Do not take any food or drink within the next two hours per meal .
Some people or patients and the elderly may have difficulty initially drinking four water cups at a

time, so they can eat less, and gradually increase the amount until they can drink the amount suggested within a short period of time. The results of treatment with water healing from the following diseases in the period shown with each: -
Diabetes 30 days.
Hypertension 30 days.
Stomach problems 10 days.
Cancer of all kinds 9 months.

Tuberculosis and meningitis 6 months.
Constipation and colic 10 days.
Urologic and kidney problems 10 days.
Ear, Nose and Throat problems 20 days.
Problems of menstrual cycle 15 days.
Heart problems of all kinds 30 days.

Headache 3 days.
Anemia is 30 days.
Obesity 4 months.
Epilepsy and paralysis 9 months.
Respiratory problems 4 months
Try not to lose anything, if the water does not benefit you will not hurt.