The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Enjoyable balance relationships

Tired of those relationships that force you to always be at the top of your psychological equilibrium

 it is true that love is the best treatment for the swelling of psychological disorders, but the weight of the outside world sometimes is harder than to withstand it ..
Despite the love, but the pressure sometimes makes you wish the end of everything against your heart's desire to stay, it is never fair to be always the stronger party, it is never fair to absorb their anger but you do not do you may be accused of insulting them and certainly you become the debtor To take them in difficult periods and carry them in their fits of grief and depression and indignation of everything but you do not have to go through a harsh period, you have happened to always maintain the balance of

your actions and actions, you do not have the luxury of falling even if you are required to explain the causes of your fall and breakdown, Severe bouts of biting or thinking in an emergency, Lab You can also be at the top of your steadfastness, where you are not accused of weakness or surrender, and do not dream too much, you will not find those who embrace you in such fits, who gives you the right atmosphere for the temporary collapse and then rise and move from new, do not talk to the other party and you are under the influence of crying, You do not talk to them, you are under the influence of need, and you answer them and their harmful ways will hurt you. Do not talk to them except when

you are okay, and wait with the time. You will find yourself crying alone, angry alone You will find yourself gradually withdrawing from their lives, because they do not allow you to express your feelings or what is going on in your mind, they will not allow you to collapse, that relationship that

consumes your energy in steadiness, steadfastness and all the same  I need someone who gazes my eyes and understands me 
I'm not perfect speech when the pain ,,,,
Hearts became full of pain and disappointment
The hearts were more afraid than the pain of the bodies