The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Guo real women hidden

Guo real women hidden
The force of the cave
Women have a hidden power if used to contain husbands skillfully could affect it so often complain wives of their husbands because she left her weapon of beauty and the auction and adornment, which was shown to her husband in the early marriage and embodied in the end and took the role of Laith role in the leadership of things and the instruments desperate to prove myself in front of the man .
Any wife who fails to deal with her husband must return to her former weapon and add to him what Stakra skills and will be impressed by the result.

Why are you impressed by the result?
Because men are thirsty for the love of their former wives and every wife wants to preserve her home and to turn it into a joy of happiness she must start by taking the first step.
You may ask a wife and say, "Why are we doing the first step?"

Because you enjoy a stronger and more able to influence the man in addition to the man is able to adapt emotionally more easily with his wife, and his condition is to stop the psychological state of his wife, and all this gives women strength, Vnti increased the pair that is provided by this world
 , And this is the biggest evidence of the strength of women and their impact on the husband


And the smart wife is reduced to all the women of the world personality, Vtkon be husband and friend and his lover and his colleague,
Since ancient times known as the power of women was said (behind every great man woman) and the reality says that behind all his family happy woman.
Frequently questions about love and how to keep it? And find it if it is not?
I tell them that love is voluntary. A couple can love each other by saying words and deeds that inspire love for their partner.

I say to each husband that a simple hug or a hand pass on the shoulder or caressing hair or offering a simple gift, or go out for a walk ... etc., are all actions that any husband can do as they express the wife's love. Men should know that most women need For such previous actions.