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Maltreatment in relationships with people

Malice between people and its meaning and clear way to deal with
A malicious person is the most person you do not want to meet in your life and you have to deal with. He is very capable of deceit and slander and hurt others to ensure what he wants. Has no friend or dear but himself, does not have the principles of what qualifies him to deal with a dignified and upscale and civilized. This type should be treated with extreme caution. The advantage of a malicious person is that he never shows his defects, but the good nature remains intact. Learn how to deal with a malicious person

To learn the strengths and weaknesses of every human being, no matter what mischievous nonsense, those weaknesses are the weaknesses that must be tampered with. A wrong word, an act that shows his truth, or that his temper is frantic and agitated. These points tell you how you can deal with it to stop it if necessary. Strengths must be known to avoid them, in other words, they are far from their playing area because they will defeat you. The malignant person is not fit to deal with him except by slander.

From the very bad chances of life to be associated with a malicious spouse or wife. The problem is that marriage is not an easy relationship you can easily dispose of, and slander is very injurious when coming from your closest confidantes. So if you are in a sermon, make sure you know who you love and want to be connected. If it is necessary to monitor his actions or actions from afar, make sure that what you hear from him is actually what he does. Make sure you believe his words and feelings, make sure he wants your interest up on his own account, because that is true love. Otherwise, you are

criminalizing yourself if you are associated with someone who does not know the depth of knowledge. But what if you do, what solution is available to you? The solution will be frankness, absolute frankness so that you are clear and frank in your desire to stop this slag. It is not right for a woman to lie to his wife and vice versa, and it is not right for a woman to do anything in her husband's back and laugh at him before his face. The marital relationship does not grow except with openness and clarity. It is not right for a woman to complain about her husband in inappropriate words and half of it is not true, so that she will only attract people's sympathy for her, because people will not do anything to her and the only remaining is her husband. Will not benefit anything if the

people were sympathetic to her with sweet words and her words about the possibility of her husband difficult to see, which is none of that. It is not right to make your wife a joke in the midst of your male friends, to justify to them the extent to which you need another woman. It is not masculinity or chivalry. If you fell into this confusion with your partner, you have two choices: The first is to continue the relationship and try to repair this bad print with time and love and patience, although that is difficult. Or total separation to protect yourself from the danger of that bad relationship.

Normalization Take care of yourself while dealing with a malicious person, whatever your connection to you. That person is able to print bad, you personally changed from your good personality to a malicious character like you do not want to be. All the ideas of the past depend on trying to confront him with trickery, defense or attack, but do not forget amidst all that, your basic principles and the safety and goodness of your heart. Malice and deceit may benefit the work and things of life that need to be experienced and face the difficulties of life. But malice is tired when you are in your family relationships because it will destroy it. Remember the most important advice is calm and never let him get you out of your way of saying ugly words to him. Remember that you are higher than him and he is weak because he uses the trick because he does not possess others.

All the past defensive tricks, but you have to carry out an offensive trick also. Try to figure out the next step of the malicious person and precede her. Before trying to convince others that you are a bad person, precede you and make your relationship very good with everyone around you, then they will not believe it. And even more, he tried to show his truth to people. In the sense that you speak to him in simple words and tell the real positions with him. You will only say truth and reality, not a sketch of imagination as it does. So others will have an idea of ​​who they are dealing with. If you try to distort your image, it will be clear, clear and condemned to the other two.

Do not argue with the other two, do not discuss it or argue, because it will defeat you. That's his favorite game to try to drag you down in error by provoking you. Make him speak with himself and you look at him calmly and do not respond to him as if you tell him that it is not worth. The abundance of his words and manner will provoke him, and will provoke you around to answer him instead of you with the truth. This person is not worthy of civilizational argument with him, because he is a traitor for mistakes in nature. You do not think that you are a human being and have the right to think. Remember to be very quiet and a little talk and keep your words clear in talking to him.

Be direct in talking with him. Calculate the calculation of every word you say with him. The malicious person likes to interpret the words as they wish. You may say a word and you do not mean the meaning that he said to someone else about you. So be careful not to give him any chance to catch up or make mistakes. Be direct in your words and very clear, and do not damage and spin on it never, and try to give it a similar or an example of your words, because all this will be used against you in his way. If he asks you a question and you do not know the meaning of this question, he will never

answer. Understand everything that he says to you so that you respond as much as you keep your words clean of any impurities he uses. On the contrary, you have retained his words to use against him if need be. You can expect him to speak to show him what he is, and then he will not try to manipulate you again, because he understands you are smarter than him. Believe me, the malicious person does not play his dirty games except with the good ones, and in fact he is devious, he is targeting his victims.
In order to end the malignant person is very tired and away from him preferred to provide yourself and left him for his slander, his death angry us God and you for the people characterized by this class.