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The art of difference in married life

The art of difference in married life ..

One of the ABCs of marital happiness is to learn the art of difference, because the other party is not a replica of you and can not be so. It must be well understood that a person can not melt in the other, whatever the link between them and what is required is balanced harmony.

Marital life is a great area of giving, tolerance, altruism and love. Each couple must convince themselves that giving up things is the true concept of marriage. Whatever the husband agrees with the wife's printing, there must be concessions and sacrifices, so that life goes on and goes quietly towards the safety beach.
But can you match the character of husband and wife exactly?
We may see many times that marital relationships lasted

for many years may exceed a quarter of a century, and then ended divorce after that and the fact that it did not come suddenly and without introductions, but that was the result of some kind of imbalance between the parties to the relationship in the sense:
That there is a party given and given and does not take, and a party takes and takes and not given ..
And this is a defect in the process of concessions that occur between couples so it is necessary to indicate the importance of equality or convergence in the process of concessions between couples.

There must be a consolidation of the concept of giving and giving between spouses, which makes life go between them and go and does not stop at the trivial things that may cause crises.
A plan must be drawn for the life of the family commensurate with the income level so that there are no material problems and should not be measured with other families because each family has its own circumstances.Giving may be a word or a touch of hand, or good feelings of affection and mutual respect. Especially if the marital relationship for many years, and the two parties have a lot of feelings and memories, but the word and feelings flowing make life happier.

You must choose the right time for the different requests that we need in our daily lives so that the other party is ready for it, and not busy with other things, and each party must extend his hand to the other party, and happiness is not at the expense of one.
Neither party should be selfish, and each side should not be concerned only with the other, because if the two parties have gone through their days in a state of extreme misery.
The relaionship with parents is an important dimension of the dimensions of happy marital life, each party to try to accept some of the mistakes that occur from the family as long as it is not strong, because it helps to cohesion married life.

The interference of parents in some things is not acceptable, if any of them to the side that it means.
Remember that happiness has an infinite effect, and it is reflected on the children and also on the human relations with society, and make it more pleasant in dealing with others, and then lead to success in the relationship of the couple in work and life.