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The rebellious woman

كلمات جميلة عن المرأة - موضوع

The rebellious woman
The phenomenon of women's rebellion against her husband has become one of the most important issues in Arab and Islamic societies. In comparison to the past, where this phenomenon was not observed in the Arab Islamic societies, except for limited cases that are anomaly of the rule that represents the big class, where women can not face her husband or stand in his face the challenge .. Some researchers have seen that globalization has a big role in The negative side of the competition and the spirit of challenge and igniting the instinct of competition between men and women, especially with the export of the image of Western society through the media tools deployed in every Arab or Islamic house, especially that Western societies with different culture and the role of women is different from its role in Arab societies .. A negative role in reviving the instinct of competition and challenge and confrontation, which in turn lead to a collision between husband and wife ends often a painful end to the future and stability of a number of Arab and Islamic families .. Banner Islam discusses the phenomenon in an attempt to identify the reasons

Many women impose their control on their husbands in a manner that may amount to discomfort, so that a man can hardly turn right or left until he finds a regular relative. Some couples may accept this, while others announce their rebellion and get out of their "mantle" to face society and their lives as they see fit. , But when that option is raging clashes between the spouses.
And to study the problem and its dimensions, we meet with a psychologist I think that this phenomenon occurs only when controlling in an excessive manner, of course the right of the wife to be afraid of her husband, but not to the extent that suffocate his freedom and opinions and restrictions on his actions.
The causes that led to the spread of this phenomenon: One of the greatest reasons that led to the spread of this phenomenon is that many of these men have been subjected to psychological pressure and nervous over the years, and dropped prestige in the hearts of wives, due to several reasons,

Making decisions on his behalf: Some wives impose on the man their way of life, so the wife intervenes in the way to wear it and leave and dates with his friends, and may interfere in his choices for his work, and if the man did not want what he wants, may arise and angers and vows, On his home.
Decide how to spend money: the wife is the first housekeeper, but that does not mean reducing the husband's expenses significantly, and curtailment of financial actions, and always believes that what he wants is accessories, which may irritate him in the long run.
The frequent question and lack of trust: Here the wife is very disturbing, which is constant contact with the husband, which makes him feel that in a control loop, it follows the steps throughout the day, and hardly closes the call until Tbabtha another call, and continue to ask questions to verify his sincerity.
The wife is always right: some wives do not accept dialogue at all, and they always consider themselves right, and the husband is mistaken, as they whisper the opinion of the husband and Ttvvnn him, and believe that their opinion is right and can not bear the error, and here may be thought that the husband has become negligible amount worthless, Either submission or rebellion.
Dimensions and impact on the family:
Continuing disagreements: As these reasons intensify, the differences between husbands begin to escalate. When the husband tries to change, the wife may revolt. This is considered an interference in her specialties and a reduction in her, and conflicts and marital problems are increasing.

Rebellion of the current situation: Some couples decide the serious rebellion, breaking all those barriers and rules woven by the wife, which may lead to dissatisfaction with the wife and her husband, and for his part sees the decline in surrender, and here may lead to a clash leading to divorce.
I appeal to the ladies: there is no need to restrict; because in the end it will lead you to an uneven path and the depths of the marital conflict, and you may find only the door of separation as an escape outlet, but for your husbands, so you have to be lenient and do not rely on cruelty so as not to break your marriage.