Travel Report to Australia

Travel Report to Australia
Moved on the personal experience of a friend
Cost 60000
# The visa is going online and you are in the house and you are falling back in Australia and coming back to you in 28 days (I'm going after 17)
# The most important need for your papers Mzobota and do not need a large amount of money is important to be satisfied with your travel is not easy
# We booked Emirates Airline and the cost was (20,000) Egyptian
# Transit was Dubai - Sri Lanka - Singapore
# Emirates Airline was a very, very nice experience whether you treat, add or eat without purchasing points worth EGP 1500
# Destination Melbourne and the country were ranked among the best countries in the world to live in. Come on really worth it
# Racism there is not very welcome by the people of the country _ collaborators to limit the border and smile Mtfrk and Sham
# Except for the country's real estate very very very cheap in every need, whether eating or drinking or clothing or clearing even its currency is more expensive but colder cheaper than Egypt in every need

 Country whose products are different from us in every need. Try to buy all you can afford
# Information about us zero (pyramid and the Sphinx and tents and desert)
# Tram There are free country faces
# Net Wifi Free P Country
# Country There is a far-flung organization
# Attractions tourist attractions, many European uniforms, but characterized by the addition of the description above the security and the mosaic of racism
# The length of the trip is updated by Salni, you can see it or you will see the airport.
# Shops closed at 5 pm after that, the nightlife and places of the month until dawn 4
# I have a bit of tea but they have a reasonable amount of food

 The number of museums is very small but they have very many gardens
# The Aquarium, the Zoo and St Kilda are required
And a journey takes a day to see a trip called (Great Ocean Road)
# Look out for the mountains there are all forests and show the diversity of animals there
Just because you are in the country alone, it is fun because it is a country of huda and hawa, we add and its people are rude
# They sell their country very much and all their products are followed by two wide-line writers made in Australia
I am talking about personal attitudes and what I did in the day, all were positive positions
Speaking of the prices I paid and I bought her not my problem, that petrol is expensive and the expenses of children's schools are expensive or rent because a tourist report is not a living
One of the positive needs at Melbourne airport is that the veiled women who work there are very friendly and very surprised

Airport The speed of completing your departure from it was standard and I got the exact text of the hour from the arrival of the pilot to the airport taxi taxis
A small part of the transportation in the center of the country is not so transport Bbqi one card but you use every need and shipped every day Use
# Taxi there is very very expensive I paid $ 120 from the airport to the hotel and the distance is not a great oi
The people living there said they were racist and their words were true, but all my positions were with one such person, and all of them did the duty and the assistance.

# People there are crowded but isolated each one in case
Prices of eating and drinking cheap
The flour is seventy-five cents and the honey is cheaper than Egypt, but the cheese was boiled but over a big taste of course
# If there is one there, you will get rid of all its money, because the price of the DFO is very cheap
# Clothes, accessories and glasses are very cheap
# Pass there and commit need above the level of description
In Melbourne, over 600 primary schools and 170 state high schools
In addition to many private schools.
There are three universities, 16 colleges and some advanced technical colleges
# Melbourne Victoria's Administrative and Commercial Center,
It comprises 30% of Australia's factories

The main port and transportation hub of Victoria,
The Melbourne metropolitan area has over 8,000 factories,
Including heavy industries and oil refineries near port facilities,
Small industries, food, beverage, clothing, footwear, printing and paper industries are scattered on both outskirts of the city and in the suburbs.
# Transportation is within the city, in the suburbs with electric trains,
Through more than 100 locomotives
Private buses operate on 240 lines,
The city is connected to the suburbs by a network of underground electric trains.

# Trees
The country is all trees and greenery, pure and pure, all around you

# Eureka Tower is the largest tower there, looking for the 88th floor watching the first of its kind, the most spectacular view of the price of $ 25 Australian dollars
# Of the quesities needs there is written p cans of pizza that eating if Mujabksh Come back when we return you full or change your request
# Market Elven is very popular there and most of the people who lack it, but the need for hot drinks must be tried
# I need to walk around and look at the ocean quite different from our sea and even if you dive it is possible to try
# The country in which any need you imagine if you want a helicopter helicopter damage Btahlaki garden Pat Man if you want to learn to shop exists even if you want an existing balloon

# I noticed that most of the other nationalities, especially East Asia, are concentrated in the center of the country, and they rent apartments and build one apartment, and the people of the country live in the suburbs.
# The people of the country Mbihbush oriental East Asia generally feel they Jain occupy the country and imposed their style
# Taxi There is sure to keep Indian markets and sure Hergy to reduce you
# The other is a very beautiful country and different from the countries of Europe in the many needs despite the country is rich wealth of heritage or then history and civilization, even if Australia wanted to come here
I'm talking to a tourist point of view .. I stayed there for a cam only a day
Because the residents there have a different view in terms of racism and the cost of living and sure they are right to live there
But I am telling you who I am and I spend it there