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Why are we afraid to reveal our true feelings

كيفية السيطرة على المشاعر - موضوع

Why are we afraid to reveal our true feelings
Why are we afraid to reveal the feelings of love within us? The reason here
Something might happen on one of the public streets of the city, such as a power cut, for example, or a violent quarrel. In both cases, we see that few people are intervening to end it, as are our feelings and feelings, but you do not like them. And the days and nights go by and things change and those feelings disappear. Are you afraid of initiative and revelation ?!
Sometimes we doubt or hesitate in our feelings, and the feelings of others towards us, but the word - which does not make feelings but is the seal or fingerprint that confirms them - we confirm the feelings of feelings, and record them in the court of the immortals, to pass them generations, and the stories of lovers and lovers. The Word is the Register and the Chamber of Souls, but the Gospel of the Hearts.

In 1993, sociologist Geron Wiese named the impasse
Some people may go through the lack of initiative and the fear of facing some of their life, called "the dilemma of volunteering." To further diagnose your situation, see the following video from the YouTube channel "Dr. Kiro", in which he explains, in a simple comic and scientific way, some of the symptoms of that condition.

We usually express our inner feeling of psychological comfort and reassurance of the word "warmth". We refer to the word "coldness" as an expression of our awareness of distance, alienation, loneliness, isolation and the word "burning" when you see who you love or who you want. It's far away from you, or it does not think of you.

The more accurate the words are, the more expressive the souls are. The heat is not warmth, the heat is rapid heat and the external sweating often comes from a sudden position, or from waiting for the reaction of your loved one, while the warmth flows from the depths of the interior from the depths of the interior. , that's love.

The philosophers of love have differed in revealing the secret of love or concealment. The group of love, like flowers and its branches, is not locked up, and from its imprisonment, it corrupts it, or as birds like to fly, and show your love and love with your beloved. And another group said: the corruption of love to be revealed, and the Gospel of lovers a secret may not be revealed, and love of those who depend on him other than his family, and strangers strangers may not reveal their identity or reveal their secrets to the common.

I said: Love is faith, and faith is a word and a deed, a belief in the insane and uttering the tongue and working with the joys and pillars, but it is permissible in the gospel of lovers to mute faith and reassure him.
The philosophers said: The true sign of love is the tears of the beloved, in every picture his lover sees, and with every tune he hears his voice, and with every breath he finds his fragrance, and has nothing but tears, Saber is calculated, his faith is silenced and his face is turned away from every human being. Gatsh, lives in his country, laughing with every laugh of her laughter in the past, and his heart beats with every throbbing palpitations there in the time of Anasram.

One of them said: "The man is in love. Love is a scary sea. Many pink boats sink into it, because they always hit hard rocks. The roses are torn and the flowers are gone. So the man has to have mercy on his beloved and avoid the hardships of traveling on an endless road.
The true love is to be jealous of your lover even of yourself, protect him from your whims and slander, even if you have to kill your heart and leave your lover if that is a cure for him.

The doctor of hearts: The sense of something and reality is something else, sometimes feel many things, but it is very far from reality, imagine the existence .. But they are just an illusion in our senses, and not only felt by us!
When I love writing, when I cry I write, and when I dream I write. I write to read my soul as an open book in which chapters of sorrows, joys, tears and smiles.