The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

The mystery of the deceiver of Pharaoh, who perplexed the world

Moved but wonderful
أوصاف وصورة فرعون موسى وجثته الحقيقية

In 1981, France asked Egypt at the end of the 1980s to host the mummy of Pharaoh
To carry out tests and archaeological tests ... the body was transferred the most famous Tagut known
The Earth ... At the plane ladder, the French President was lined up
Ministers and senior French officials to accept Pharaoh
When the royal reception for Pharaoh ended in France, I was carried
The mummy of the tyrant is no less welcome than his reception and was transferred to a special wing
At the French Archeology Center, and then the largest archaeologist in France
The doctors of surgery and anatomy studied the mummy and discovered its secrets, and it was
The chief surgeon and the first person responsible for studying this mummy is the professor
Maurice Bockay

The healers were interested in repairing the mummy, while Morris was interested
An attempt to discover how this Pharaonic king died, and in the late hours of
The night showed the final results .. It was the remains of salt stuck in his body
The largest evidence that he died instinctively, and that his body was extracted from the sea after sinking
Immediately, and then hastened to mummify his body to survive his body
But it is strange how he still remains puzzled as to how this body remains more secure than
Others, although they were extracted from the sea! Maurice Bockay was preparing a report
For what he believed was a new discovery in the recovery of the body of Pharaoh from the sea
And mummified it after sinking directly, until someone whispered in his ear saying: Do not rush

.. Muslims are talking about the sinking of this mummy
But he strongly denounced this news and was surprised
His knowledge of the development of modern science and modern computer hardware is very accurate
, One of them said that their Quran, which they believe in him tells the story of his sinking and safety
His body after drowning, grew more astounded and began to wonder .. How this and this mummy
Was discovered only in 1898, almost two hundred years ago, while their Koran
Exist more than four thousand four hundred years ago? And how upright in this mind,
And not only the Arabs, but not all Arabs, knew anything about the existence of the Ancients
Egyptians embalming the bodies of the pharaohs only a few decades ago?
Maurice Bockai sat at night staring at the body of Pharaoh thinking carefully what he whispered
His companion to him that the Koran Muslims talking about the survival of this body after drowning ..

While their holy book speaks of Pharaoh sinking during his pursuit of our master Moses
Peace be upon him without being subjected to the fate of his body .. And he says in himself: Is
Is it reasonable to have this embalmed before me is Pharaoh who was chasing Moses? Is
Is it conceivable that Muhammad knows this more than a thousand years ago?
Morris could not sleep, and asked to come to him with the Torah
The Torah says: The water returned and covered the chariots and horsemen of all the army of Pharaoh
He went behind them in the sea, there was not one left of them, and no one remained. Maurice Bockay remained stranded
.. Even the Bible did not talk about the survival of this body and remain intact
After the treatment of Pharaoh's body was restored and France restored to Egypt the mummy,
But Maurice did not congratulate him on a decision, and he did not rest his mind since the news broke
The Muslims tell him about the safety of this body, he packs his luggage and decides to travel to the country

Muslims to interview a number of Muslim anatomy
And there was the first talk he spoke with them about what we learned from the survival of the body of Pharaoh after
Drowning ... So one of them opened the Koran and took him to read the Almighty: Today
Nnjik Bbdnk to be the successor of a verse .. And many people about our verses
For the ignorant
The verse was very harsh. He asked him to make himself stand in front of him
Attendance and shout at the top of his voice: I entered Islam and believed in this Koran
Maurice Bockay returned to France without the face he had gone

Years has no job occupied only by studying the compatibility of scientific facts
And newly discovered with the Koran, and search for a scientific contradiction one of them
The Qur'an speaks to him and then comes out with the result of the verse: No falsehood comes from him
Between his hands and not from his successor, download from Hakim Hamid
It was the fruit of these years spent by the French Maurice that came out of the composition shook all Western countries and the greatest of its scientists Raja, it was
Title of the book: Quran, Bible and Bible