The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth

Whoever claims virtue

The husband entered and found his wife crying, so he asked her about the reason. She said that the birds above our tree look at me when I am without a veil, and this may be disobedience to God.

دفاع غير أخلاقي... عن الفضيلة والأخلاق

The husband kissed her between her eyes on her chastity and fear of God, and he brought an ax and cut the tree.
After a week, the husband returned from work early and found his wife asleep in the arms of her lover!
(He did nothing but take what he needed and fled the whole city) ..

He arrived in a faraway city and found people gathered near the king's palace. When he asked them why, they said the king's treasury had been stolen.

In the meantime, a man walked on the edge of his fingers and asked who is this? !! They said he is the sheikh of the city, walking on the edge of his fingers, for fear that he will trample an ant and disobey God!
Then the man said, God, I found the thief and sent me to the king.
And he said to the king that it was the sheikh who stole your treasury, and if I was a plaintiff, cut off my head.
So the soldiers brought the sheikh and after the investigation he confessed to stealing!
And the king said to the man, "How did you know he was the thief?"
The man said: When the reserves are exaggerated and talk about virtue is exaggerated, then know that it is a cover for some crime ..

(For an abra story)
There are people in our lives who wrestle with ideals and show us that they humiliated humans,
Close your eyes and think about who in your life makes the ideal and you will be amazed by the amount of people looking for your life !!

* May hurt some, but it is the truth *