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Tourism in the time of Corona ... limited destinations amid "complicated" procedures

Limited destinations amid complex "procedures Although traveling to spend the summer vacation is now possible, many people prefer to refrain from traveling for fear of contracting the Coronavirus. Also, many countries impose strict travel procedures, which makes enjoying the holiday not possible. On travel in the time of Corona, we interviewed a journalist specializing in the field of tourism 21 وفاة و338 إصابة جديدة بفيروس كورونا في السويد - Aktarr | أكتر ... Coronavirus cases are declining in some countries. Some people may wish to spend summer holidays on the beaches and enjoy calm and recreation, after long periods of ban and closures. Global tourism incurred its worst loss since 1950, according to estimates by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

السويد تنجح في زرع فيروس كورونا الجديد مخبرياً – الكومبس

It is expected that tourists' trips will decline during the current year by between 58 and 78 percent, compared to what they used to travel in the past year. In terms of revenues, the global tourism loss is likely to exceed a trillion dollars, ending a decade of continuous growth. In March, for example, tourist trips fell by 57 percent, and the loss this month alone amounted to $ 80 billion. ما هي جهوزية السويد في حال وصول فيروس "كورونا"؟ - Radio Sweden ... Bloomberg: Our flights will be different, because we will have to spend more time in the airports, in order to observe the precautions.In addition, travelers will have to be careful on a regular basis, paying attention to matters such as hygiene, and making sure to pay electronically, and these precautions may interfere with people's travels.

And since many people have lost their jobs in various countries of the world, people will not be able to spend on entertainment matters
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In the end, the German travel doctor confirmed that the risk of infection during travel cannot be completely avoided, and if one wants to avoid infection with the Corona virus by 100%, it is better to isolate himself at home.